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The Spikelet Callus of Eriochloa Villosa (Poaceae).

Darbyshire, S.J., Simard, M.-J., and Nurse, R.E. (2013). "The Spikelet Callus of Eriochloa Villosa (Poaceae).", Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT), 7(2), pp. 697-702.


The spikelet callus morphology of Eriochloa villosa (Thunb.) kunth is examined and compared with that in other species of the genus. The callus is divided into two parts, a lower hardened bead and an upper fleshy cup. The cup possesses a membranous ventral projection which often surpasses the cup apex. Epidermal characteristics of the callus are similar to those of most other species in the genus. The cup and ventral projection contain substantial amounts of lipids which may act to attract animal dispersal agents.

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