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A Bibliography of Scientific Publications Based on Long-Term Crop Rotation Studies in the Canadian Prairies.

Campbell, C.A., Juma, N.G., Zentner, R.P., Smith, E.G., Izaurralde, R.C., Robertson, J.A., Dyck, M.F., and Janzen, H.H. (2012). "A Bibliography of Scientific Publications Based on Long-Term Crop Rotation Studies in the Canadian Prairies.", Prairie Soils and Crops, 5, pp. 7-29.


Field Experiments conducted over the past 100 years in the Canadian Prairie provinces have resulted in voluminous agronomic knowledge that has propelled Canada to become a major exporter of agricultural products. Hundreds of scientific publications have been produced and this knowledge is now being used to address emerging issues such as climate change, sustainable cropping systems, carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling and water use efficiency. The objective of this paper was to create an aggregated bibliography for long-term crop rotation studies in the Canadian Prairies with the intention of facilitating the research which is and will be conducted by present and future generations. Of the numerous types of long-term studies that have been conducted, we have restricted this treatise to include only experiments that dealt with crop rotations and were conducted for a minimum of 20 years. The aggregated bibliography with 24 subject areas covers 13 crop rotation experiments at 6 research sites in the Canadian Prairies. This involved collaboration of individuals at specific locations and knowledge expertise to sort the publications. Overall, this effort is a very simple example of what needs to be done to create and maintain this body of scientific literature. In addition to a static version, a searchable version of the aggregated bibliography has been developed which will make it easier to access the information and permit multiple ways of exploring the data and findings. This will add value to the aggregated bibliography and make it globally accessible.

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