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Flourish hard red winter wheat

Graf, R.J., Thomas, J.B., Beres, B.L., Gaudet, D.A., Laroche, A., Eudes, F. (2012). Flourish hard red winter wheat, 92(1), 183-189.


Flourish is a hard red winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) eligible for all grades of the Canada Western Red Winter wheat class. Compared with the check cultivars in the Western Winter Wheat Cooperative registration trials (CDC Osprey, AC Bellatrix, Radiant, CDC Buteo), Flourish produced similar grain yield with earlier maturity, shorter straw, improved lodging resistance and higher grain protein content. Flourish displayed winter survival similar to the checks. In the eastern prairie rust hazard region of Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan, Flourish yielded about 5% more grain than CDC Buteo and CDC Falcon, cultivars that are well-adapted and widely grown in the region. Flourish exhibited intermediate resistance to stem and leaf rust combined with moderate resistance to stripe rust and common bunt, a unique combination of disease resistance traits for a western Canadian winter wheat cultivar. © 2011 - Agricultural Institute of Canada.

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