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Shelf-Stable Egg-Based Products Processed by High Pressure Thermal Sterilization.

Juliano, P., Bilbao-Sáinz, C., Koutchma, T., Balasubramaniam, V.M., Clark, S., Stewart, C.M., Dunne, C.P., and Barbosa-Cánovas, G.V. (2012). "Shelf-Stable Egg-Based Products Processed by High Pressure Thermal Sterilization.", Food Engineering Reviews, 4(1), pp. 55-67. doi : 10.1007/s12393-011-9046-4  Access to full text


Producing a thermally sterilized egg-based product with increased shelf life without losing the sensory and nutritional properties of the freshly prepared product is challenging. Until recently, all commercial shelf-stable egg-based products were sterilized using conventional thermal processing; however, this heat treatment was problematic as quality attributes of the product were negatively affected. Combining high pressure with high temperature is a potential alternative to retorting for the production of shelf-stable egg-based products. This review discusses the challenges of high pressure thermal sterilization as an alternative processing method of producing shelf-stable egg products. Attention is given to product improvement in terms of overall quality through modification of ingredients, formulation, processing and packaging, offering the industry a practical way to produce egg-based products with increased shelf life and appealing quality to the consumer.

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