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Do resistant plants provide an ennemy-free space to aphids?

Fréchette, B., Vincent, C., Giordanengo, P., Pelletier, Y., and Lucas, É. (2012). "Do resistant plants provide an ennemy-free space to aphids?", European Journal of Entomology (EJE), 109(1), pp. 135-137.


An experiment was conducted to compare the predation efficiency of the coccinellids Harmonia axyridis and Coleomegilla maculata on potato plants, Solanum tuberosum, and on a wild aphid-resistant species, Solanum tarijense. Harmonia axyridis females reduced aphid populations more than C. maculata females. Aphid predation by the predators was reduced on S. tarijense compared to S. tuberosum. Coleomegilla maculata spent less time on S. tarijense than on S. tuberosum. Harmonia axyridis spent the same amount of time on both plant species. The plant species did not affect IGP between larvae. Compared to S. tuberosum, the resistant plant offers M. persicae an enemy-free space against both coccinellid predators.

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