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Best Management Practices for Blackleg Disease of Canola.

Kutcher, H.R., Fernando, W.G.D., Turkington, T.K., and McLaren, D.L. (2011). "Best Management Practices for Blackleg Disease of Canola.", Prairie Soils and Crops, 4, pp. 122-134.


Blackleg disease of canola in western Canada has been effectively managed for the past 20 years through a combination of resistant varieties, adequate crop rotation intervals and good agronomics. Increased canola production in western Canada, in large measure through more frequent cropping in the rotation, has increased the risk that resistance to blackleg in current varieties may be defeated. Loss of resistance in Canada and in other countries has been reported in varieties dependent on single resistance genes, indicating selection pressure for virulent races of the pathogen. Sustainable canola production in western Canada will require adoption of innovative blackleg control strategies by growers.

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