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Rust diseases in Canada.

Fetch Jr., T.G., McCallum, B.D., Menzies, J.G., Rashid, K.Y., and Tenuta, A.U. (2011). "Rust diseases in Canada.", Prairie Soils and Crops, 4, pp. 87-96.


Rust diseases are among the most dangerous that attack food crops, and historically have caused devastating yield losses worldwide. Rust pathogens produce prodigious amounts of spores in a short period of time, which are rapidly wind-dispersed over a large area for subsequent re-infection of the crop. This characteristic of rust diseases allows for several cycles of infection in a short period of time during the growing season and over a large geographical area, and can cause total yield losses under epidemic conditions. This paper describes rust diseases occurring in Canada and the various management practices used to control each disease.

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