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Accumulation of Spores in Hot Waters Recirculated in Beef Carcass Pasteurizers.

Yang, X.Q., Rajagopal, S., and Gill, C.O. (2011). "Accumulation of Spores in Hot Waters Recirculated in Beef Carcass Pasteurizers.", Internet Journal of Food Safety, 13, pp. 321-324.


Concerns have been raised about the possible accumulation of bacterial spores in hot water recirculated in beef carcass pasteurizers. Therefore, waters from pasteurizers at two large beef packing plants were examined for the presence of spores. At both plants the numbers of spores in pasteurizer waters tended to increase non-uniformly as they were reused on carcasses, but the maximum numbers recovered from any samples were 101 cfu/100 ml. All the organisms recovered from pasteurizer waters grew aerobically, and most were identified as species of Bacillus or Paenibacillus, which are commonly found in milk at numbers ≥ 10 cfu/ml. The small numbers of bacterial spores in recirculated waters in carcass pasteurizers seemingly pose no health risks to consumers.

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