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Vector-borne parasitic zoonoses: Emerging scenarios and new perspectives

Colwell, D.D., Dantas-Torres, F., Otranto, D. (2011). Vector-borne parasitic zoonoses: Emerging scenarios and new perspectives, 182(1), 14-21.


Changing climate is not the only driver for alterations in the dynamic interaction between arthropod vectors of zoonotic parasites and their hosts, including humans. A suite of other factors ranging from urbanization and deforestation to changing demographics in both developing and developed countries, the impact of the recent economic crisis, increased global movement of people and animals and follow-on effects of major catastrophes. This article reviews the most important vector-borne parasites of zoonotic concern that are changing/expanding their distribution patterns in both endemic and/or previously non-endemic areas. We include the discussion of the changing aspects of malaria, leishmaniasis, babesiosis, Chagas disease as well as of some spirurid and filarioid nematodes. © 2011.

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