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Thiol redox-sensitive seed proteome in dormant and non-dormant hybrid genotypes of wheat

Bykova, N.V., Hoehn, B., Rampitsch, C., Hu, J., Stebbing, J.A., Knox, R. (2011). Thiol redox-sensitive seed proteome in dormant and non-dormant hybrid genotypes of wheat, 72(10), 1162-1172.


The thiol redox-sensitive and the total proteome in harvest-ripe grains of closely related genotypes of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), with either a dormant or a non-dormant phenotype, were investigated using hybrid lines of spring wheat double haploid population segregating transgressively, to gain further insight into seed dormancy controlling events. Redox signalling by reactive oxygen species has been shown to play a role in seed dormancy alleviation. Thiol-disulfide proteins are of particular importance in the context of redox-dependent regulation as a central and flexible mechanism to control metabolic and developmental activities of the cells. Here we describe functional proteomic profiling of reversible oxidoreductive changes and characterize in vivo intrinsic reactivity of cysteine residues using thiol-specific fluorescent labelling, solubility-based protein fractionation, two-dimensional electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry analysis in conjunction with wheat EST sequence libraries. Quantitative differences between genotypes were found for 106 spots containing 64 unique proteins. Forty seven unique proteins displayed distinctive abundance pattern, and among them 31 proteins contained 78 unique redox active cysteines. Seventeen unique proteins with 19 reactive modified cysteines were found to have differential post-translational thiol redox modification. The results provide an insight into the alteration of thiol-redox profiles in proteins that function in major processes in seeds and include groups of redox- and stress-responsive, genetic information processing and cell cycle control, transport and storage proteins, enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism, proteases and their inhibitors. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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