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Effects of dry-ageing on pork quality characteristics in different genotypes

Juárez, M., Caine, W.R., Dugan, M.E.R., Hidiroglou, N., Larsen, I.L., Uttaro, B., Aalhus, J.L. (2011). Effects of dry-ageing on pork quality characteristics in different genotypes, 88(1), 117-121.


Presumably, dry-ageing enhances flavour attributes of meat by surface desiccation to increase and modify fatty acid content and other organoleptic molecules. However information regarding dry-ageing of fresh pork is limited. To examine the effects of dry-ageing on pork quality, Large White (LW, n = 24) and Large White × Duroc (Duroc, n =24) barrows were slaughtered and three longissimus thoracis et lumborum sections from each side of the carcass were wet or dry-aged for 2, 7 or 14. d. Dry-aged meat had lower (P< 0.001) moisture and higher (P< 0.001) protein content due to higher purge losses (P< 0.001) when compared with wet aged meat. However no dry-ageing effect (P> 0.05) was observed on sensory characteristics. The increase in the duration of ageing decreased moisture content and drip loss and increased (P< 0.001) protein content, purge loss and L*, chroma and hue values. These changes were more accentuated in dry-aged meat (P< 0.01). Days of ageing dependent increases (P< 0.001) were observed for instrumental and sensory tenderness and juiciness in both ageing types. Moreover, meat from Duroc barrows had lower (P< 0.001) moisture and protein content, and higher (P< 0.01) fat content, L* and hue values. Instrumental and sensory tenderness, juiciness and flavour were higher (P< 0.01) in meat from Duroc than LW barrows. Increases (P< 0.01) in flavour intensity and decreases in off-flavour of meat from LW barrows were greater (P< 0.05) in d 7 than in d 14. Therefore the duration of ageing affected most quality and sensory characteristics, while the changes to quality attributes of dry versus wet-aged pork were attributable to the differences in shrink losses in the present study. © 2010.

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