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Greenhouse gas (CO2 and N2O) emissions from soils: A review.

Muñoz, C., Paulino, L., Monreal, C.M., and Zagal, E. (2010). "Greenhouse gas (CO2 and N2O) emissions from soils: A review.", Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research, 70(3), pp. 485-497.


In agricultural activities, the main greenhouse gases (GHG) are those related to C and N global cycles. The impact of agriculture on GHG emissions has become a key issue, especially when considering that natural C and N cycles are influenced by agricultural development. This review focuses on CO2 and N2O soil emissions in terrestrial ecosystems, with emphasis in Chilean and similar agro-ecosystems around the world. The influence of land use and crop management practices on CO2 and N2O emissions is analyzed and some mitigation measures to reduce such emissions are also discussed here. More knowledge on the biological processes that promote of GHG emissions from soil will allow creating opportunities for agricultural development under friendly-environmental conditions, where soil can act as a reservoir and/or emitter of GHG, depending on the balance of inputs and outputs.

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