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Alta Crown: A New Russet Potato Cultivar with Resistance to Common Scab and A Low Incidence of Tubers Deformities

Bizimungu, B., Holm, D.G., Kawchuk, L.M., Konschuh, M., Schaupmeyer, C., Wahab, J., Waterer, D., Driedger, D., Wolfe, H., McAllister, P., Howard, R., Platt, H.W., Lynch, D.R. (2011). Alta Crown: A New Russet Potato Cultivar with Resistance to Common Scab and A Low Incidence of Tubers Deformities, 88(1), 72-81.


Alta Crown (CV92028-1) is a new russet potato cultivar with resistance to common scab and a low incidence of tuber deformities. It was selected at the Lethbridge Research Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, from a cross made at Colorado State University, San Luis Valley Research Center between breeding clones AC83172-1RU and C086030-1RU. Alta Crown has semi-erect, short, and compact vines. The cultivar has uniform, oblong to long, medium to large tubers with a medium to dark russet skin, cream-colored flesh and shallow eyes. In trials across western Canada and Ontario, Alta Crown produced similar or lower total yields than did Russet Burbank and Shepody, but a higher percentage of marketable tuber yield at maincrop harvest, and at early harvest. The average weight of marketable tubers was superior to that of Russet Burbank at all sites, and to that of Shepody at some sites. Alta Crown exhibited resistance to tuber deformities, hollow heart and internal necrosis defects. Specific gravity of Alta Crown in western Canadian regional trials was similar to that of Shepody and Russet Burbank. Fry colour was also similar to Russet Burbank and Shepody in product quality evaluations. Alta Crown was identified as having resistance to common scab and was moderately resistant to late blight tuber rot and foliar early blight, but was susceptible to foliar late blight. It shows moderate foliar and tuber symptoms when infected with bacterial ring rot. A post-harvest laboratory testing is recommended to complement visual inspection. © 2010 Potato Association of America.

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