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Extraction of β-glucan from oat bran in laboratory scale

Immerstrand, T., Bergenståhl, B., Trägårdh, C., Nyman, M., Cui, S., Öste, R. (2009). Extraction of β-glucan from oat bran in laboratory scale, 86(6), 601-608.


Effects of various enzymes and extraction conditions on yield and molecular weight of β-glucans extracted from two batches of commercial oat bran produced in Sweden are reported. Hot-water extraction with a thermostable α-amylase resulted in an extraction yield of ≈76% of the β-glucans, while the high peak molecular weight was maintained (1.6 × 106). A subsequent protein hydrolysis significantly reduced the peak molecular weight of β-glucans (by pancreatin to 908 × 103 and by papain to 56 × 103). These results suggest that the protein hydrolyzing enzymes may not be pure enough for purifying β-glucans. The isolation scheme consisted of removal of lipids with ethanol extraction, enzymatic digestion of starch with α-amylase, enzymatic digestion of protein using protease, centrifugation to remove insoluble material, removal of low molecular weight components using dialysis, precipitation of β-glucans with ethanol, and air-drying. © 2009 AACC International, Inc.

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