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Use of whole oat in feedlot diets

Gibb, D.J., Wang, Y., Schwartzkopf-Genswein, K.S., McAllister, T.A. (2009). Use of whole oat in feedlot diets, 89(3), 415-417.


Replacing 9% silage and 6% barley with 15% whole oat (DM basis) had inconsistent effects on DMI, but increased (P≥0.04) eating rates and tended (P≥0.11) to increase meal size in all diets. Oat reduced (P≥0.008) gain/feed in the backgrounding diet, but increased gain/feed and ADG (P=0.002) in the 0% forage finishing diet. Dressing percent, but not carcass weight, was reduced by inclusion of oat in the diet. No difference in liver abscesses or animal health were observed.

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