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Catalogue of the Tachinidae (Insecta: Diptera) of China.

O'Hara, J.E., Shima, H., and Zhang, C. (2009). "Catalogue of the Tachinidae (Insecta: Diptera) of China.", Zootaxa, 2190, pp. 1-236.


The Tachinidae of mainland China and Taiwan (generally referred to as China herein for brevity) are catalogued. A total of 1109 valid species are recorded of which 403 species (36%) are recorded as endemic. Distributions within China are given according to the 33 administrative divisions of the country, and distributions outside China are given according to a scheme of geographical divisions developed for this catalogue and most finely divided for the Palaearctic and Oriental Regions. The catalogue is based on examination of the primary literature comprising about 670 references and also includes a small number of records based on unpublished data from specimens examined in collections. Taxa are arranged hierarchically under the categories of subfamily, tribe, genus, subgenus (where recognized), and species. Nomenclatural details are provided for nominal genera and species. This includes synonyms at both levels for taxa described or recorded from China. For valid species, distributions are provided along with complete name-bearing type data for associated names. Additional information is given in the form of notes, numbering more than 300 in the catalogue section and about 50 in the references section. Six genera are newly recorded from China: Calliethilla Shima (Ethillini), Chetoptilia Rondani (Dufouriini), Demoticoides Mesnil (Leskiini), Pseudalsomyia Mesnil (Goniini), Redtenbacheria Schiner (Eutherini), and Rutilia Robineau-Desvoidy (Rutiliini). Fourteen species are newly recorded from China: Actia solida Tachi & Shima, Atylostoma towadensis (Matsumura), Chetoptilia burmanica (Baranov), Demoticoides pallidus Mesnil, Dexiosoma lineatum Mesnil, Redtenbacheria insignis Egger, Feriola longicornis Mesnil, Frontina femorata Shima, Phebellia laxifrons Shima, Prodegeeria gracilis Shima, Prooppia stulta (Zetterstedt), Sumpigaster subcompressa (Walker), Takanomyia frontalis Shima, and Takanomyia rava Shima. Two genera and 23 species are recorded as misidentified from China. New names are proposed for three preoccupied names: Pseudodexilla O’Hara, Shima & Zhang, nomen novum for Pseudodexia Chao, 2002; Admontia longicornalis O’Hara, Shima & Zhang, nomen novum for Admontia longicornis Yang & Chao, 1990; and Erythrocera neolongicornis O’Hara, Shima & Zhang, nomen novum for Pexopsis longicornis Sun & Chao, 1993. New type species fixations are made under the provisions of Article 70.3.2 of ICZN (1999) for 13 generic names: Chetoliga Rondani, Discochaeta Brauer & Bergenstamm, Erycina Mesnil, Eurigaster Macquart, Microvibrissina Villeneuve, Oodigaster Macquart, Plagiopsis Brauer & Bergenstamm, Prooppia Townsend, Ptilopsina Villeneuve, Ptilotachina Brauer & Bergenstamm, Rhinotachina Brauer & Bergenstamm, Schaumia Robineau-Desvoidy, and Setigena Brauer & Bergenstamm. Subgenus Tachina (Servillia Robineau-Desvoidy) is reduced to a synonym of subgenus Tachina (Tachina Meigen). The valid names of two species are reduced to nomina nuda and replaced by other available names with new status as valid names: Siphona (Aphantorhaphopsis) perispoliata (Mesnil) replaces S. (A.) mallochiana (Gardner), and Zenillia terrosa Mesnil replaces Z. grisellina (Gardner). The following 12 new combinations are proposed: Carcelina shangfangshanica (Chao & Liang), Drino (Drino) interfrons (Sun & Chao), Drino (Zygobothria) hirtmacula (Liang & Chao), Erythrocera longicornis (Sun & Chao) (a preoccupied name and replaced with Erythrocera neolongicornis O’Hara, Shima & Zhang, nomen novum), Isosturmia aureipollinosa (Chao & Zhou), Isosturmia setamacula (Chao & Liang), Isosturmia setula (Liang & Chao), Paratrixa flava (Shi), Phryno jilinensis (Sun), Phryno tibialis (Sun), Prosopodopsis ruficornis (Chao), and Takanomyia parafacialis (Sun & Chao). The following 19 new synonymies are proposed: Atylomyia chinensis Zhang & Ge with Tachina parallela Meigen (current name Bessa parallela), Atylomyia minutiungula Zhang & Wang with Ptychomyia remota Aldrich (current name Bessa remota), Carcelia (Carcelia) hainanensis Chao & Liang with Carcelia rasoides Baranov, Carcelia frontalis Baranov with Carcelia caudata Baranov, Carcelia hirtspila Chao & Shi with Carcelia (Parexorista) delicatula Mesnil (current name Carcelia (Euryclea) delicatula), Carcelia septima Baranov with Carcelia octava Baranov, Carcelia (Senometopia) dominantalis Chao & Liang with Carcelia quarta Baranov (current name Senometopia quarta), Carcelia (Senometopia) maculata Chao & Liang with Carcelia octava Baranov, Drino hersei Liang & Chao with Sturmia atropivora Robineau-Desvoidy (current name Drino (Zygobothria) atropivora), Eucarcelia nudicauda Mesnil with Carcelia octava Baranov, Isopexopsis Sun & Chao with Takanomyia Mesnil, Mikia nigribasicosta Chao & Zhou with Bombyliomyia apicalis Matsumura (current name Mikia apicalis), Parasetigena jilinensis Chao & Mao with Phorocera (Parasetigena) agilis takaoi Mesnil (current name Parasetigena takaoi), Phebellia latisurstyla Chao & Chen with Phebellia latipalpis Shima (current name Prooppia latipalpis), Servillia linabdomenalis Chao with Servillia cheni Chao (current name Tachina (Tachina) cheni), Servillia planiforceps Chao with Tachina sobria Walker, Spiniabdomina Shi with Paratrixa Brauer & Bergenstamm, Tachina kunmingensis Chao & Arnaud with Tachina sobria Walker, and Thecocarcelia tianpingensis Sun & Chao with Drino (Isosturmia) chatterjeeana japonica Mesnil (current name Isosturmia japonica). Musca libatrix Panzer is a nomen protectum and Musca libatrix Scopoli and Musca libatrix Geoffroy are nomina oblita. Similarly, Redtenbacheria insignis Egger is a nomen protectum and Redtenbacheria spectabilis Schiner is a nomen oblitum. Lectotypes are designated for the following 12 nominal species based on name-bearing type material in CNC: Akosempomyia caudata Villeneuve, Blepharipoda schineri Mesnil, Carcelia puberula Mesnil, Compsoptesis phoenix Villeneuve, Ectophasia antennata Villeneuve, Gymnosoma brevicorne Villeneuve, Kosempomyia tibialis Villeneuve, Phasia pusilla Meigen, Tachina fallax pseudofallax Villeneuve, Tachina chaoi Mesnil, Wagneria umbrinervis Villeneuve, and Zambesa claripalpis Villeneuve.

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