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‘Wendy’ Strawberry.

Jamieson, A.R., Sanderson, K.R., Privé, J.-P., and Tremblay, R.J.A. (2009). "‘Wendy’ Strawberry.", HortScience, 44(3), pp. 836-838.


‘Wendy’ strawberry (Fragaria ·ananassa Duchesne) was commercially introduced in Canada in July 2006 by the Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Center (AFHRC) of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. ‘Wendy’, a short-day cultivar, ripens in the early season, offering growers an alternative to ‘Annapolis’ with good fruit quality and yield. Plants of ‘Wendy’ are vigorous, resembling ‘Evangeline’ in habit, and they produce ample runners to establish matted rows. In greenhouse screening with multiple races of Phytophthora fragariae Hickman var. fragariae, ‘Wendy’ has demonstrated partial resistance.

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