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Modeling economic and agro-environmental dynamics of potato production systems

Khakbazan, M., Hamilton, C., Moulin, A., Belcher, K., Mohr, R., Volkmar, K., Tomasiewicz, D. (2009). Modeling economic and agro-environmental dynamics of potato production systems, 11(1), 65-93.


Crop rotation and other input management practices are of particular interest for their potential impacts on economic and agro-environmental components of potato production. Although crop yield and experimental impacts of rotations of grains, oilseed and legume crops have been published for several experimental studies in Canada there are few models related to the economic and environmental dynamics of potato production. We describe a dynamic model which integrates environmental and economic processes in potato production. The potato rotation model consists of interconnected modules of irrigation and precipitation, soil characteristics, soil erosion, soil water, phosphorus, nitrogen, soil organic matter, farming operations, crop yield and the related calculation of economic return. While not all aspects of crop production have been interlinked, including nitrogen carry-over, this model is the first step in the analysis of experimental data for irrigated potato rotations conducted in southern Manitoba. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. 2009.

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