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Veldt cicer milkvetch

Acharya, S.N. (2009). Veldt cicer milkvetch, 89(3), 511-513.


Veldt cicer milkvetch (Astragalus cicer L.) was developed by the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta. This synthetic cultivar, tested as LRC 94-1 in Western Forage Trials, was developed for improved seedling vigor and high forage yield. Veldt cicer milkvetch produced 19% more dry matter yield in western Canada than Oxley (check cultivar). Under non-irrigated conditions the dry matter yield of this cultivar was 15% greater than Oxley, while under irrigation the dry matter yield was 21% greater. Veldt is well suited for pasture and hay production in western Canada in both pure and mixed stands with grasses and other legumes. The seed size and seed yield of the new cultivar are about 12% higher than Oxley.

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