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Evaluation of AgriRisk Initiatives - Summary

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AgriRisk Initiatives

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Recommendation 1

The Assistant Deputy Minister, Programs Branch, should expand AgriRisk's promotional efforts to increase awareness of the Program.

Management Response Recommendation 1

Agreed. A strategy for stakeholder engagement will be developed and implemented to promote and increase awareness of the Program within the federal, provincial and territorial governments as well as with stakeholders from the agricultural and financial services industry. The strategy will include specific measures to engage Indigenous groups, and other underrepresented communities, in the agricultural sectors; and other activities, such as the possibility of using a call for proposal process and/or micro funding to promote and increase awareness.

Recommendation 2

The Assistant Deputy Minister, Programs Branch, should review the requirements of the Administrative Capacity Building stream to increase the access of projects.

Management ResponseRecommendation 2

Agreed. Under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, AgriRisk Program Terms and Conditions were revised to broaden the eligible recipients. To increase access to the AgriRisk's Administrative Capacity Building stream, provinces and territories will consistently be engaged through the FPT working group meetings and will continue to play an important role.

Recommendation 3

The Assistant Deputy Minister, Programs Branch, should incorporate fora that use industry expertise, networks and experience, such as external program advisory councils or involving external expertise in the Program for further industry coordination and engagement.

Management ResponseRecommendation 3

Agreed. Under CAP, the AgriRisk Program Terms and Conditions were revised to engage outside expertise to assist in the assessment of any aspect of a project or applicant. As AgriRisk explores the use of a call for proposal approach, the use of external expertise may be considered for industry engagement as well as for assessments. Criteria can also now be used to establish a priority ranking of eligible projects.

Recommendation 4

The Assistant Deputy Minister, Programs Branch, should clarify, streamline, and communicate program procedures, guidelines and processes, to reduce the time to approve applications and reimburse claims.

Management ResponseRecommendation 4

Agreed. The Program will undertake a full review of all program documents, including guidelines, application forms and claims, to streamline and simplify the process for both the applicant/recipient and program staff. The Program will adopt best practices, such as incorporating the findings of the Programs Branch LEAN process for claims. The AgriRisk IM/IT investment plan will include enhancements to the Business Risk Management Cost Sharing System to improve the user interface and streamline the processes.

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