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2017-18 Departmental Results Report - Internal audits and evaluations

Internal audits

Internal audit engagements completed in 2017–18
Title of internal audit Completion date
Audit of the Winnipeg Contact Centre June 2017
Audit of Inventory Management: IT Assets (Workstations) October 2017
Audit of AgriRisk Initiatives Program March 2018


Evaluations completed, or planned to be completed, in 2017–18
Title of evaluation Link to the department's Program Alignment Architecture Status on March 31, 2018 Deputy head 
approval date*
Evaluation of the AgriInnovation Program – Stream B: Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer
  • Sub-program 2.1.3 Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer
Completed August 2017
Evaluation of Growing Forward 2 Cost-shared Programming Strategic Initiatives
  • Sub-program 1.2.5 Federal-Provincial-Territorial Cost-shared Market Development and Competitiveness
  • Sub-program 2.1.5 Federal-Provincial-Territorial Cost-shared Research, Adoption and Commercialization
  • Sub-program 2.1.6 Federal-Provincial-Territorial Cost-shared Environment
  • Sub-Program 2.2.3 Federal-Provincial-Territorial Cost-shared Adaptability and Industry Capacity
Completed November 2017
Evaluation of AgriRisk Initiatives Program
  • Sub-program 1.1.5 AgriRisk Initiatives
Completed March 2018
Evaluation of the Pesticide Risk Reduction Program
  • Sub-program 1.2.7 Pest Management: Pesticides Risk Reduction Program
Completed March 2018
Evaluation of AgriInnovation Program Stream C: Enabling Commercialization and Adoption
  • Sub-program 2.1.4 Enabling Commercialization and Adoption
Completed March 2018
Evaluation of the Minor Use Pesticides Program
  • Sub-program 1.2.6 Pest Management: Pesticides Minor Use Program
Completed March 2018
Evaluation of the AgriMarketing Program Stream C: Market Development
  • Sub-program 1.2.3 Market Development
Completed March 2018
* An evaluation is considered complete when the deputy head approves the evaluation report (including a management response and an action plan).
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