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An Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System 2015


This 2015 report provides an economic overview of the Canadian agriculture and agri-food system using the most recent available data. It is meant to be a multi-purpose reference document that presents:

  • the agriculture and agri-food system in the context of the Canadian economy and international markets; and
  • a snapshot of the composition and performance of the agriculture and agri-food system as it evolves in response to challenges, opportunities and market developments.

The report begins with a special section on Food Loss and Waste (FLW) at all stages of the agri-food system. It looks at the agriculture and agri-food system’s relevance to the Canadian economy, as measured by its share of the Canadian gross domestic product (GDP) and number of jobs in Canada.

The report then reviews the sector’s performance internationally, in terms of its share of agriculture and agri-food exports and imports to total world exports and imports. It also reviews the degree and extent of innovation in the agriculture and agri-food sector, which is key to the ability of the sector to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the changing domestic and global market.

Next, the report presents a snapshot of each segment of the agriculture and agri-food system: primary agriculture, food processing, consumer and food distribution. The report ends with an overview of government support to agriculture.

The report describes the Canadian agriculture and agri-food system as a modern, complex, integrated, and competitive supply chain of importance to the Canadian economy. It is a dynamic and resilient system that adapts constantly to changing consumer demands, technological advances and globalization.


Special section – food loss and waste in the agri-food system

Importance of the system to the Canadian economy

Global context


Components of the agriculture and agri-food system

In response to challenges, opportunities, and changing market conditions, the agriculture and agri-food system continues to transform and restructure itself.

Primary Agriculture

Food and Beverage Processing


Government Expenditures in Support of the Sector

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