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State of the Sector 2019 - Bright and Bold (video)

Video transcript

Male Narrator: Our agricultural and agri-food sector in Canada makes for a compelling story.

Female Narrator: It’s about diversity, innovation, and resilience.

Male Narrator: It’s about hard-working families putting safe, high-quality food on our tables.

Female Narrator: It’s also a story about opportunity, and seizing the moment.

Male Narrator: Here’s why…

Female Narrator: We’re a key driver of Canada’s economy.

Male Narrator: And we are an important player in the global food system.

Female Narrator: The sector represents one in eight jobs in Canada.

Male Narrator: From satellite technologies, soil monitoring, and new techniques to manage pests…

Female Narrator: …to using robotics and artificial intelligence in food and beverage processing, the investments in research and innovation pay off.

Male Narrator: All while working to reduce our environmental footprint.

Female Narrator: We are proud stewards of our land.

Male Narrator: We’re resourceful in tough times. We’re all the more strong and resilient because we work together.

Female Narrator: The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is our competitive edge, at home and abroad.

Male Narrator: It’s tailored to the unique needs of the sector in each province and territory. We’re making the sector stronger and more diverse by helping youth, women, and Indigenous People succeed.

Female Narrator: If you look at all these strengths…

Male Narrator: …there’s good reason for optimism. Consumers at home and abroad see Canada as a trusted global leader in safe, nutritious, and sustainable food.

Female Narrator: It’s the dawn of a new day, full of promise, ripe with opportunity.

Male Narrator: Let’s work together towards a bright and bold future.

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