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Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency Regulatory Framework Overview

"A world-class pari-mutuel betting supervision program protecting Canadians who bet on horse racing now and into the future!"

Elements of the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) Regulatory Framework consist of the Enabling Legislation (section 204 of the Criminal Code), Requirement Documents and Guidance Documents.

Requirement documents instruct what the licensees and applicants must achieve in order to meet the pari-mutuel betting regulatory requirements. These documents are enforceable when referenced in their permit, licence or other legal instrument. Requirement documents include:

Guidance documents provide practical information, direction and non-mandatory support to the public and stakeholders on pari-mutuel betting, how to meet pari-mutuel licensing and other regulatory requirements, and are not legally enforceable. Guidance documents include:

On a regular basis, the CPMA reviews the regulatory framework respecting the regulation and supervision of pari-mutuel betting in Canada on horse races. This reviewing practice ensures that a modern, efficient and effective regulatory model is in place - one that protects the betting public in the manner to which they have become accustomed while not unduly restricting the actions of racetrack operators.

A key principle that guides the CPMA in regulatory reviews is the reliance on continuous broad stakeholder involvement in order to capture all views by the industry, including provincial regulatory bodies, race-course associations, horseperson groups, and the betting public. It is through these ongoing consultative efforts that enable the CPMA to develop a complete and informed package of reforms that will both protect the betting public and allow horse racing providers to compete in an increasingly competitive gaming environment.

Should you have any questions regarding the CPMA Regulatory Framework or regulatory proposals, contact CPMA.

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