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Career Focus Program Privacy Impact Assessment


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is part of the Youth Employment Strategy (YES), a horizontal initiative led by the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada.  Under the YES initiative, AAFC administers the Career Focus Program. The program provides funding for employers and organizations to deliver a range of agriculture career-related activities, enabling youth to make informed career decisions, develop their skills and benefit from work experiences.


The Career Focus Program involves the collection and management of personal information. A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) was therefore conducted to identify potential privacy risks, and if present, make recommendations to mitigate these risks.


The scope of the PIA encompassed the business process and data flow of personal information collected from Applicants and Participants to administer the Career Focus Programs. The PIA also addressed the use of tools and systems for collecting personal information, reporting, record keeping and evaluation requirements.

AAFC’s personal information practices related to the Career Focus Program are described in AAFC Personal Information Bank AAFC PPU 300 (Career Focus Program) and Standard Personal Information Bank (PIB) PPU 914 (Public Communications).


Minimal privacy risks were identified as a result of the PIA exercise and measures have been determined to address these risks.

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