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AgriInvest: 2017 update


The initial AgriInvest Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) was completed in 2009 prior to the full implementation of AgriInvest accounts being held at a Financial Institution. The AgriInvest and AgriStability Programs were renewed under the Growing Forward 2 Framework Agreement in 2013 and while there were some program modifications, there were no additional requirements for the collection of personal information at that time. However, as direct deposit technology has since been implemented, requiring the collection of bank account information not previously required, the Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Office determined an update to this PIA was necessary.


The update was required to help ensure that all significant changes to the program’s activities and business processes occurring over the past 9 years have been assessed for potential privacy impact.


The scope of the PIA was restricted to the business process and basic data flows of personal information associated with the AgriInvest program. This included AAFC's collection, use, retention, disclosure and disposition of personal information in the context of AgriInvest. In the province of Quebec, the program is delivered by the provincial agricultural ministry, and was not included in the scope of the PIA.

AAFC’s personal information practices related to the AgriInvest and AgriStability Program are described in AAFC Personal Information Bank AAFC PPU 183.


As a result of the PIA update, measures have been determined to mitigate risks associated with the collection of personal information. These include: reviewing the PIA annually to update it as needed and updating the PIB by clarifying retention needs, amending the class of individuals to be more specific (e.g. including reference to shareholders, partnerships, etc.) and ensuring all consistent uses contained in all program forms are included in the PIB description.

For further information please contact the Access to Information and Privacy Office.

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