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2012 Canada-Quebec Drought Livestock and Forage Transportation Assistance Initiative


The 2012 Canada-Quebec Drought Livestock and Forage Transportation Assistance Initiative is a financial assistance program for Quebec producers impacted by the 2012 drought. Drought conditions caused severe damage to forage crops and pasture land, causing significant forage shortages for producers in affected regions, particularly for producers with livestock that consume forage (such as cattle, sheep and horses) in the hardest hit areas such the Gatineau, Pontiac and Témiscamingue regions.

Under the Initiative, AAFC will provide assistance recommended to help livestock producers in drought-affected regions of Quebec with the extraordinary transportation costs incurred to move animals to feed; access forage and feed necessary to maintain their breeding animals over the winter months, and avoid having to reduce their breeding herds.

The Initiative will run from January 2013 to March 2014, with an application deadline of June, 2013.


The Initiative, delivered under the AgriRecovery Framework, is cost-shared with the province of Quebec and involves each level of government administering its own portion through one single program.  As the delivery of AAFC's portion of the Initiative involves the collection and management of personal information by the department, a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) was conducted to determine if there were any privacy risks, and if so, to make recommendations for their resolution or mitigation.


The scope of the PIA was restricted to the business process and basic data flows of personal information associated with the administration of the federal portion of the initiative delivered by AAFC. The PIA addressed AAFC's use of personal information transferred from Quebec and used to determine the federal contribution.  In addition, it addressed retention, disclosure and disposal of personal information associated with the Initiative.

Personal information collected in the Initiative is described in Personal Information Bank (PIB) AAFC PPU 636, Agricultural Disaster Relief Program.


It was determined that there were no outstanding privacy risks associated with the Initiative.

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