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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre's Industrial Program

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Industrial Program has temporarily stopped its activities and the Pilot Plant is inaccessible until further notice. Updates and notice of resumption will be posted on this page. For questions or comments, please contact; 450-768-7999.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre's Industrial Program helps agri-food companies with small-scale food processing and testing needs and fosters innovation in the area of food research. (Watch the Industrial Program video)


Helps agri-food companies with small-scale food processing and testing needs and fosters innovation in the area of food research.

Program Delivery

The Centre's facilities, located in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, provide clients with direct access to sophisticated equipment and a versatile Research & Development (R&D) environment. Through the Industrial Program, companies can lease multifunctional pilot plants and access a full range of food processing equipment, as well as support, from experienced technologists including service of sensory analysis. Various fees apply. Equipment can be adapted, moved or even modified to respond to clients' needs. This versatility ensures a great deal of flexibility which is crucial for successful R&D. Through the Industrial Program, clients can process various commodities, such as milk (cow, goat, etc.) and dairy products, meat products, fruits and vegetables, cereals, and other food ingredients. Past clients of the Industrial Program have successfully developed a variety of food products.

Also available at the Centre through INITIA (in French only) (formally the Governor's Foundation) are extensive information retrieval and analysis services, lists of food processing consultants and lists of analytical laboratories (in French only).

Note: These lists should not be considered an endorsement by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for those services or firms.

Check out the Industrial Program video to see how the Industrial Program can become your secret ingredient for success.

To access the facilities, fill out and sign the application form. If you are a new client or a client who has not done business with AAFC in the past two years, you must also fill out a client account application form. The Manager, Integrated Services and Industrial Program or a technical co-ordinator will contact you in order to prepare a contractual agreement prior to the beginning of the project.


  • List of Pilot Equipment

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre's Industrial Program possesses multifunctional pilot plants containing equipment designed to carry out the processes used in almost every sector of the food industry. Between 2016 and 2018, an investment exceeding $20 million has enabled the upgrade of plant equipment. The refurbishment of the plan will modernize and improve its scientific and technological capacity, allowing federal researchers to better support innovation, adoption and sustainability in the sector.

    Our pilot plant directly supports the food processing industry by providing facilities that foster innovation. This includes the development of new or improved products, adopting technologies that boost productivity, and support for new enterprises.

    If the equipment you are looking for does not appear on this list, please let us know. Although we cannot guarantee that we will buy the desired equipment, your suggestions will help us to draw up a list of priorities to better respond to the needs of Canadian industries.

    If you are a supplier and want to bid on equipment tenders, please visit where tenders will posted regularly.

    We will also be disposing of some equipment. If you are interested in buying some, please visit the federal government's official website for Crown asset sales regularly, at GCSurplus.

    List of Pilot Equipment
    Equipment name Manufacturer
    Agitators Variable speed agitator
    Fat and Moisture analyser Fat and moisture analyser Cem
    Aseptic cabinet Aseptic cabinet Stericab 60 × 120 cm
    Retort Retort Amsco 2022 1 m3
    Multiple process retort Stock Basket: (75 × 200 g)
    70 × 70 × 50 cm
    Computered data logger and processing Fluke Hydra
    Labtech Notebook
    Max. 20 channels
    Scale Table scales Until 500 kg
    Churns Meat tumbler Röschermatic
    MM 50
    20 kg Salted meat
    Variable rotation speed:16 rpm
    Meat tumbler Scaniro
    60 1
    30 kg Salted meat
    Variable rotation speed:
    0 - 30 turns by minute
    Vacuum tumbler Lutétia
    Modèle O
    100 kg Salted meat
    Rotation speed: 5 rpm
    Multi component meat tumbler P.m.g. 5 tanks 20 l
    Clock-wise and counter clock-wise rotation
    Variable speed: 0 - 30 rpm
    Cheese vats Rectangular cheese vat (2) Alfa-Laval 400 l
    Double-O cheese vats(3) Kusel
    4 MX
    250 l
    Pre-pressing vat (Swiss type) Perfora 100 kg
    Brining vats Alfa-Laval 500 l
    Finishing table Kusel
    RE 7481 4FT SS
    125 kg
    Soft cheese production equipment Alfa-Laval 150 kg
    Grinders Centrifugal grinding mill Retsch
    ZM 1
    240 g - 1 kg/h
    Rota Sieve bolting machine Prater
    0.3 m2
    Mill Quadro
    Comil 196-5
    4,000 kg/h
    Disintegrator Rietz
    6 Size
    Hammer mill Prater
    G5H FS1
    0.3 m2
    Fine grinding mill Prater
    CLM 18
    < 150 microns
    Colloidal mill (emulsifier) Stephan
    Microcut MC-15
    1,200 kg/h
    Fermentation unit Fermentation unit Arcos
    Model CT 100
    Maximum capacity: 100 kg
    Minimum capacity: 25 kg
    Centrifuges Automatic desludger centrifuge Srs
    100 - 300 l/h
    Basket Centrifuge Western States Filters
    15 μm - 150 μm
    Centrifugal decanter Sharples P660 2,500 l/h
    Table centrifuge (continuous) Sharples
    Model T-2P
    250 cm3
    Solid content
    Cleaning in Place (CIP) Mobile C.I.P. unit Economics Lab.
    C.I.P. - C.O.P.
    Freezers Cryogenic freezer Küleg Ultrafrost
    FG 1301
    150 kg/h
    Ice cream freezer Continuous ice cream freezer Alfa-Laval
    100 l/h
    Batch ice cream freezer Taylor 20 l
    Temperature control Temperature control for tanks
    Cheese cutter Cheese cutter Strasbourgh
    5 AR
    Cutting surface
    45 × 45 × 30 cm
    Cutters High-speed bowl cutter Kilia
    3 or 6 knives
    25 kg maximum
    High-speed chopper Urschel
    cutting head 750 mm
    continuous feeder
    Vacuum or pressure cutter /cooker Stephan
    UMM/SK 40E GNI
    40 l
    Vacuum or pressure cutter/cooker Stephan
    Minimum capacity: 4 kg
    Maximum capacity: 8 kg
    Atmospheric or vacuum high-speed cutter-mixer vacuum cooker Stephan
    VCM-40 E GNI
    Minimum capacity: 12 kg
    Maximum capacity: 30 kg
    Cooker Table-top cooker-mixer Groen
    TDC/TA 2-20
    23 l
    Vacuum steam jacketed kettle Groen
    23 l
    Tilting steam kettles (2) Entreprises Julien
    11 l
    Tilting steam kettle Escan Metal
    90 l
    Double-motion agitated kettle Fluid Transfer Company 25 l
    Cooker stretcher Cooker-stretcher E.b.r. 11-102 kg/h
    Sterilizable tank Sterilisable tank for cristallization Goavec
    200 1
    200 l
    Shredder Frozen meat shredder Gmc
    Maximum size: 23 × 51 × 61 cm
    Deaerator Deaerator Alfa-Laval
    DC-500 LC
    1,000-3,000 l/h
    Feeders Volumetric feeder 125, 250 mm
    Variable rate feeder
    Heat exchanger (see pasteurizer) Tubular or spiral heat exchanger Alfa-Laval 3.8 cm diametre
    Scraped-surface heat exchanger Aseptic scraped-surface system Alfa-Laval
    400 l/h
    Packaging machines Vacuum packaging machine Sipromatic
    Vertical Komet
    Sealing surface:
    30 × 30 cm
    40 × 40 cm
    30 × 30 cm
    30 × 40 cm
    Heat sealer for plastic tube Kalish
    0.64 × 35.6 cm
    Foam tray sealer
    Tray Packaging machine Dyno
    Stuffer Manual flange stuffer Cornet C.K.
    100 - 150 mm
    Evaporator Plate evaporator Apv
    180-200 kg H2O/h
    Vacuum evaporator Anhydro
    Lab E
    25 kg/h (40°C)
    Extruder Twin-screw extruder Baker Perkins
    5 cm diametre
    Dough Forming Dough rounder
    Dough proofer Picard 30 dough
    Sheeter-moulder L&M
    Fsm 24a
    Sinmag Male SM 520
    Dough Homogeniser Sinmag
    Fermentor Bioengineering Computer control and data acquisition Fix intellution
    Fermentors P 1500 l
    150 l
    Nlf 19
    Nlf 22
    2 l
    Fol. max. / Maximum volume
    1 100 l
    110 l
    14 l
    16 l
    1.4 l
    Filter press Filter press Star no. 6 8. 5 l
    Foamer Foamer Hansa 20-250 kg
    Ovens Two-pan oven General Electric
    CN 52
    30 loafs
    Revolving oven Picard 4 shelves
    80 loafs
    Oven Fisher 350G 90 cm3
    Hot air oven Shel lab 1620 75 cm3
    Muffle furnace 3001 60 cm3
    Convection oven Bakers Pride X 700 4 grates
    60 × 90 cm
    Bread oven on the hearth Panvailler Baking surface: 1.5 × 1 m
    Fryer Fryer Moffat 12 l
    Smoke house Smoking and cooking unit (dry, controlled humidity, steam cooking) Voss
    Ham 90 kg
    Weiners: 50 kg
    (5 kg Mould)
    Chopper Meat chopper-grinder Mainca
    European head
    3 sectors
    Bone separator
    Meat chopper-grinder Butcher Boy
    plate 15 cm
    Homogenizers Homogenizer Alfa-Laval
    SHL 20
    500-2,000 l/h
    Homogenizer (2 phases) Gaulin
    227 l/h
    Homogenizer (2 phases) Gaulin-APV
    15M 8TA
    0.5-57 l/h
    Homogenizer (2 phases) Rannie 0-200 l/h
    Hoods Laminar flow hoods Canadien Cabinets Co Ltd
    60 × 120 cm
    60 × 180 cm
    60 × 180 cm
    Incubators Incubator Fisher 255 D 2 shelves
    Culture incubator Lab. Wiesby Viscubator 6 × 5 l / 30°C - 60°C
    Culture incubator Lab. Wiesby Viscubator 2 × 10 l / 30°C - 60°C
    Yoghurt incubator Entreprises Julien 9 x 30°C - 60°C shelves
    Injector Multi-needle pickle injector Mepsco 140 needles
    Irradiator Irradiator Nordion International
    Gamma beam
    651 PT
    Fluidized bed Fluidized bed agglomerator 2 to 500 kg/h
    Freeze dryer Freeze dryer Virtis
    Lyo-San Y6-CAB
    5 trays
    12 trays
    Mixer Mixers-grinder Hobart
    A-200T-2 pintes
    22.7 l
    10 l
    Dough mixer National 100 - 200 g flour
    Dough mixer Blakeslee V-20 20 l
    Dough kneading-beater-mixer Logiques
    Compact 30
    30 l
    Double action mixer Leland
    40 kg
    Centrifugal mixer Crepaco
    Liquiverter CLV 25
    95 l
    Blender 8 l
    Blender 1 l
    Microscope Microscope Leitz lens
    4, 10, 40, 100 x
    Mojonnier Mojonnier Fmc
    Cheese moulds Cheese moulds
    (Baby Gouda, Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, St-Paulin, Suisse, Tomme)
    Curd mill Curd mill Damrow M 250 E
    type SEP
    30 × 30 cm
    25 knives
    Milling Automatic laboratory mill Bühler-Miag
    MLU 202
    Laboratory plan-sifter Bühler-Miag
    MLU 300
    12 sizes
    Grain cleaner Multi-aspirator Kice 6F6 38-50 kg/h
    Mobile plate heat exchanger systems Mobile plate heat exchanger systems Alfa-Laval
    5 l
    1 l
    Plate pasteurizer Alfa-Laval 100-500 l/h
    Plate pasteurizer Alfa-Laval
    2,000 l/h
    4 s - 4 min
    High pressure pasteurizer High pressure pasteurizer Alstom Maximum Pressure: 7000 bar
    Volume: 3 l
    pH-meters Table top pH-meter Radio Meter
    PHM 82
    Table top pH-meter
    Table top pH-meter Radio Meter
    PHM 82
    Portable pH-meter (2) Beckman
    Stearing and heating plate (4)
    Pumps Curd pump Hydro Dynamique Ltée Ibex 2130 400-4,000 l/h
    Diaphragm pumps Sand Piper PB1-A
    Sand Piper SSA-2-A
    Sand Piper
    0 - 1,000 l/h
    0 - 4,000 l/h - 2 1/2 po
    0 - 1,000 l/h - 1 po
    Screw pumps Firing Monoflow
    SMH 22B8 Allweiller AG
    Netzch MES 40A
    0 - 250 l/h
    0 - 100 l/h
    2 inches
    Centrifugal pumps Thomsen
    1,000 l/h
    24,500 l/h
    8,800 l/h
    24,500 l/h
    31,000 l/h
    Positive pumps Albin variable 1 1/2
    Amicon variable réversible 1 1/2
    Ibex variable
    200 - 2,000 l/h
    20 - 2,000 l/h
    1 - 1,000 l/h
    Vacuum pump
    Stuffer Vacuum stuffer Handtmann
    8 - 65 kg/min
    Hydraulic piston stuffer Villa SP25 25 l
    Fresh sausage portioning cutting machine Devro HandCrank Linker Casing
    Diametre: 13 to 34 mm
    Length: 4 to 5 1/4 inches
    Double clipping stuffing system Poly-Clip DCA-U Automat Maximum Casing Diametre: 72 mm
    Presses Horizontal cheese press Kusel LS 25 × 9 kg
    Vertical cheese press Perfora 504 OP 10 - 20 kg
    Hydraulic cheese press
    Tunnel press Alpha-Laval 4 × 10 kg
    10 × 1 kg
    Juice press Juice press with crusher Goodnature X-6 180 to 270 kg fruit/hour
    (minimum: 20 kg)
    Pulper Pulper-finisher - Extractor Brown 6600 9 - 23 l/min
    Milk reception Milk reception APV Hall Crepaco 2 × 4 500 l
    Filler Piston filler Simplex Fuller AS 1 30 - 590 ml
    Paste, cream and liquid filler H.G. Kalish inc. 26-520 ml PCL/2
    Tanks Storage tank (2 units) Milkeepler Crepaco SND 3,000 l
    3,875 l
    Aseptic storage tanks (2) Alpha-Laval Steritank 600 l
    Nylon tanks 200 l
    400 l
    500 l
    Double wall tanks Alpha-Laval
    Alpha-Laval mobile
    Alpha-Laval mobile
    Tri Canada (5)
    Marine Alpha
    Marine Alpha
    Palardy (5)
    Falco (2)
    500 l steam
    1,000 l steam
    600 l steam
    250 l steam
    500 l × 5 steam
    400 l hot water
    300 l steam
    80 l hot water
    200 l hot water
    150 l hot water
    100 l hot water
    100 l hot water
    85 l steam
    25 l steam
    25 l hot water
    20 l hot water
    500 l hot water
    100 l steam
    Single wall tanks (20) Apv bell-mouthed 36 l, 85 l
    Cutting saw Cutting saw Biro 3334SS 150 mm ribbon saw
    Dryers Hot air dryer National TY 2 4 × 60 cm × 90 cm × 15 cm
    Spray-dryer Niro P6.3 modèle V Evaporation: 20-50 kg H2O/h
    Spray-dryer Buchi 199 Evaporation: 1.5 l H2O/h
    Can sealer Can sealer Wisconsin Alum. Foundry 10, 14, 19, 28, 40 oz
    Automatic Master (300 ml - 1,2 l
    Sieve Laboratory sieve Seive: 4 to 80 mesh
    Vibrating sieve Kason Seive: 14 to 165 mesh
    Slicers Bread slicer Sinmag
    Manual slicer Hobart 1612 knife
    300 mm diametre
    Slicers-pealers Transverse slicer Urschel OV 1/16 inch, straight or ripple
    Dicer, strip cutter and slicer Urschel GK 2,500 kg/h
    size (0,6; 1,0; 1,3 cm)
    Potato and vegetable peeling machine Blakeslee XC 60 T 23 - 27 kg
    UHT UHT Sterilizer direct or indirect Sterilab 100 l/h
    Membrane separation units Ultra-filtration unit Koch UF-180 S Spiral membrane 19 m2
    Tubular membrane 19 m2
    Ultra-filtration unit Romicon 6 tubular membranes
    (6 × 2.3 m2)
    Nano-filtration unit 2 membranes
    Ultra-filtration unit Romicon 1 membrane, 900 cm2
    Micro-filtration unit Amicon 3 mineral-ceramic membranes
    (0.2, 0.5, 1.4, 3.0 μm
    Bactocatch Microfiltration unit Alpha-Laval MFS-7 3 membranes of 1.4 m2
    (0.1, 0.8, 1.4 μm)
    Volumeters Loaf volumeters National 400 - 1,000 cm3
    1,675 - 3,000 cm3
    bar: bar unit
    cm: centimetre
    cm2: square centimetres
    cm3: cubic centimetre
    °C: degree Celsius
    g: grams
    h: hour
    H2O/h: water per hour
    kg: kilogram
    kg/h: kilogram per hour
    kg/min: kilogram per minute
    l: litres
    l/h: litres per hour
    m: metre
    m2: square metres
    m3: cubic metres
    Max.: maximum
    Min.: minimum
    min: minutes
    mm: millimetres
    ml: millilitres
    μm: micrometre
    oz: ounce
    rpm: rotation per minute
    s: seconds
    UHT: Ultra-high temperature


    Clients of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Food Research and Development Centre's Industrial Program can develop various products. The list below represents only a portion of the procedures available through the Program.

    Procedures (partial list)

    • Biomass and metabolite production
    • Cheesemaking and cheese aging
    • Coagulation
    • Cooking
    • Drying
    • Evaporation
    • Fermentation
    • Filtration
    • Freeze-drying
    • Freezing
    • Grinding
    • High-pressure processing
    • Homogenization
    • Irradiation
    • Mixing, emulsification
    • Packaging and processing
    • Pasteurization (thermal, filtration, ultra high pressure)
    • Pressing
    • Smoking
    • Sterilization (canning, UHT, aseptic processes)
    • Texturization, extrusion
    • Three-phase centrifugation (liquid-liquid-solid)
    • Two-phase centrifugation (liquid-liquid, solid-liquid)

    Other available facilities

    • Fully computerized sensory evaluation laboratory
    • Crossroad for Food Innovation Technology (Business incubator)
    • 4 confined pilot plants including services, office, storage room and cook room
    • 2 laboratories for emerging businesses
    • 40 controlled atmosphere rooms
    • 20 high-security offices
    • Microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, physiology and chemical analysis laboratories
    • Library with access to scientific and business data banks
    • 94-seat auditorium with multimedia projection and sound systems
    • Conference and meeting rooms

    For more information, please contact us at 450-768-7999.

    Other services

    In collaboration with INITIA (formerly the Governor's Foundation), the following services are available.

    • Information retrieval and analysis service
      This service allows anyone who has questions on a technological or more general aspect of the agri-food sector to obtain quick answers.

      Save time! A phone call or visit will put you in touch with specialized staff that can help you quickly find the information you need.
      For more information, contact INITIA:

    • List of consultants and laboratories
      A list of consultants and laboratories in the food processing sector is available for your perusal through INITIA.
      Note: this list is provided strictly as a courtesy and must not be construed as a recommendation of the services of one or more specific firms by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

      To have your consulting firm or your laboratory appear on the list, contact INITIA:


    Clients of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Food Research and Development Centre's Industrial Program have used the program's equipment and facilities to make a variety of products. The list below contains some of the products created by them.

    • cheese
    • processed cheese
    • yogurt
    • ice cream
    • butter
    • margarine
    • milk powder
    • cold-pasteurized milk
    • condensed milk
    • canned food (fruit, vegetables and meat)
    • pasteurized prepared food
    • powdered and liquid ingredients
    • ham
    • sausages
    • pâtés
    • mousses
    • jams and preserves
    • sauces
    • juices
    • bacterial cultures
    • condiments (sauces, ketchup, mustard)
    • pudding
    • breakfast cereal
    • snacks
    • bread
    • cakes
    • cookies
    • crackers
    • prepared fresh fruit

Service Standards

Our goal is to achieve our service standards a minimum of 80% of the time under normal circumstances:

Contact Information

For more information about the Industrial Program, or to access the facilities and equipment, please contact us at:

Telephone: 450-768-7999
TDD/TTY: 613-773-2600

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