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Canadian Animal Genetic Resources

Canadian Animal Genetic Resources (CAGR) is a joint initiative of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), to preserve the genetic diversity of Canadian livestock and poultry breeds, and to develop new techniques to conserve germplasm.


To ensure the genetic diversity of Canadian livestock and poultry, support environmentally friendly livestock and poultry production, and maintain food security, by acquiring, evaluating, and cryopreseving tissue and germplasm (sperm cells and embryos).

Key Mandates

Program Delivery

CAGR relies on donations of germplasm and DNA from the livestock and poultry industries, veterinarians, animal breeders and producers, as well as Canadian universities and conservation agencies. If you wish to participate and contribute to the conservation of Canada’s animal genetic resources, please do not hesitate to contact, Dr. Carl Lessard, (306) 956-7221, or email: Your support is important and appreciated. Without your support, it will not be possible to preserve our precious Canadian animal resources. Looking forward to hear from you!

Contact Information

Dr. Carl Lessard,
Curator of Canadian Animal Genetic Resources
National Coordinator of Animal Genetic Resources of Canada
Telephone: 1-306-956-7221

Dr. Anissa Lybaert,
Associate Director of Biodiversity and Collections
Telephone: 1-613-759-1253
TDD/TTY: 613-773-2600

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