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Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

Generally, you are eligible for AgriStability if you earn income from the primary production of agricultural commodities and you:

  • farm in CanadaFootnote 1
  • file an income tax return reporting farming income (loss) to the Canada Revenue Agency by the final filing deadline for the program year (except Status Indians and Band farms farming on a reserve in Canada who are exempt from filing an income tax return)
  • complete a minimum of six months of farming activity, unless you experienced a disaster
  • complete a production cycle, unless you experienced a disaster
  • enrol in the program, pay your fee and file a form by the deadlines for each step

Who can participate

  • communal organizations
  • co-operatives
  • corporations
  • estates
  • individual farmers
  • landlords in crop or livestock share joint ventureFootnote 2
  • limited partnerships
  • partners in a partnership
  • Status Indians and Band farms farming on a reserve
  • trusts

Who can't participate

  • former federal public office holders or public servants who have a federal conflict of interest
  • landlords earning rental income (cash rent or payments-in-kind) for crop or livestock shares or lease arrangements
  • organizations that receive direct government funding, including research stations, universities, and colleges

How to Apply

Step 1 – Enrol

The deadline to enrol for the 2020 program year is July 3, 2020

Each year you must enrol in the program by the enrolment deadline. For the 2020 program year only, the enrolment deadline has been extended from April 30 to July 3, 2020.

To enrol for the 2020 program year, complete and send us a 2020 New and rejoining participant information form by July 3, 2020 if:

  • you are a new participant or
  • you are returning to the program after not participating for two years

For help to complete your form, read the guide.

If you have participated in AgriStability in the last two years we will automatically send you an Enrolment Notice where possible or send you an invitation to participate.

Once you are enrolled, we will send you an Enrolment Notice, showing you the fee you have to pay to participate. You will also have to pay a $55.00 administrative cost share.

Step 2 – Pay your fee

You must pay your fee and administrative cost share by the deadline.

July 3

Initial fee deadline (unless otherwise shown on your Enrolment Notice). For the 2020 program year only, the fee deadline has been extended from April 30 to July 3, 2020.

December 31 Final fee deadline with penalty (unless otherwise shown on your Enrolment Notice)

If you miss the initial fee deadline, you have until the final fee deadline to pay your fee with a penalty equal to 20% of your fee.

Step 3 – Complete and send your form

Send your completed AgriStability form by the deadline.

September 30 Initial filing deadline
December 31 Final filing deadline with penalty

If you send your form after the initial deadline, we will reduce your payment (if you receive one) by $500 for each month or part of a month past the initial deadline up to the final deadline.

You can send your form on the next business day if the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday.

Once we process your form, we will send you a Calculation of Program Benefits Notice showing how we calculated your benefit and your payment (if applicable).

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