The Canadian Crop Metrics application is a web-based application to link key pieces of information on historical and forecasted yield, weather conditions and risks and make these accessible to the sector in real time over the growing season. Crop metrics are based on the Canadian Crop Yield Forecasting System (CCYF), which predicts crop yields based on weather and satellite information, and is updated four times per year. The Yield forecast is completed at the level of Census of Agriculture Region in most cases, so they are not expected to be accurate at spatial scales less than that.

The application provides a summary status of weather and risk conditions relevant to the growth of various crops in Canada. The variables include the accumulated precipitation, crop heat units, vegetation health, soil moisture and any reported diseases and pests and are presented region by region to aid in the interpretation of the crop yield projections presented in the metric tables.

Please note that each layer has its own measurement limitations. More information about each layer can be found in the "More about data in map" section.

Crop Type choice will affect the display of some layers (indicated in their titles). For instance Accumulated Heat is measured in Crop/Corn Heat Units (CHU) for Corn and Soybeans, and Growing Degree Days (GDD) for other crops.

Date selection will filter the theme layers to match the selected date, except for the Extreme Weather Indicators, which are current forecasts.

Currently only Corn and Soybean Yields are forecasted in October.

Get started by selecting a crop. The date is preselected to the most recent yield forecast.

Detailed descriptions of the methods can be found:
Evaluation of the Integrated Canadian Crop Yield Forecaster (ICCYF) model for in-season prediction of crop yield across the Canadian agricultural landscape: //www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168192315000854