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The Agroclimate Impact Reporter (AIR) helps to connect Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) with people in Canada’s agricultural community. AAFC relies on its network of AIR volunteers to provide information regarding agroclimate impacts across the country.

The AIR network provides valuable and reliable data that are mapped and used in the assessment and development of policies and programs including AgriRecovery and the Livestock Tax Deferral Provision, which can provide assistance to the industry during extreme weather and climate conditions and events.

The AIR network is an ever-growing database of agroclimate impacts, which enables better data analysis to help identify trends and anomalies.

The AIR survey is open during the last week of the month over the growing season (April to October) and is intended to collect weather and climate impacts on farm operations across Canada over the previous month. Survey results are made into maps and published on the Drought Watch website the first week of every month during the growing season.

When the survey is not open, a report is available for reporting on late-breaking, one-time or interim impacts.

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