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Canada’s Turkey Industry

... at a glance

  • In 2012, Canada produced turkey products worth $378 million, contributing 0.7% of cash receipts to farming operations.
  • In 2012, there were 531 regulated turkey producers in Canada. In addition to the almost 5,000 commercial poultry and egg producers in Canada, there are a large number of businesses associated with these production activities.
  • In 2012, Canada produced 160.2 million kilograms of turkey (eviscerated weight), 62.5% of which was produced in Quebec and Ontario. Domestic consumption of turkey in 2012 was 4.1 kilograms per person.
  • That same year, the average turkey farm produced 301,699 kilograms of turkey meat.
  • In 2012, Canada exported over 8.5 million poults (young turkey) worth $29.4 million to 13 countries. The United States was the largest market (97%). Other countries included the Netherlands, Hungary, France, and Russia.
  • That same year, 22.5 million kilograms of turkey meat and edible bi-products (fresh, chilled, frozen), worth more than $29.8 million, was exported to 42 countries, with the largest importers being the United States, South Africa, and Gabon. Other countries included Benin, Cuba, Jamaica, and the Philippines.


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