Spotted-wing Drosophila Technical Working Group

A technical working group on Spotted-wing Drosophila (SWD) was established in 2012 in response to grower concerns about Spotted-wing Drosophila in Canada, particularly in tender fruits including cherries, blueberries, caneberries, and grape. The SWD Technical Working Group (TWG) was mandated to determine research activities, outreach efforts, and priorities related to the detection, monitoring, biology, and management of SWD. The Spotted-wing Drosophila Technical Working Group Membership is composed of key researchers, experts and stakeholders and provides scientific and technical advice to the Canadian Horticulture Council - Pest Management Centre Invasive Alien Species Coordination Group (CHC-PMC IAS CG).

Drosophila suzukii (SWD) was first detected in Canada in 2009. Since 2009, the pest has been found in all Canadian provinces. The ability of SWD to infest fruit prior to harvest, the high reproductive potential of SWD, and the severe crop damage caused by SWD have created a serious management challenge for Canadian fruit growers.

Significant efforts are underway within Canada to address the SWD issue. Information regarding on-going research, monitoring, management, and outreach activities gathered by the SWD-TWG is integrated into a Spotted-wing Drosophila Monitoring, Research, and Outreach summary, to keep stakeholders informed of the status of efforts underway. In addition, a Spotted-wing Drosophila Canadian Webinar series was held during the winter months of 2016-17.

Many online resources for SWD which provide information about monitoring and management of SWD, registrations of pesticides, as well as research activities are available. In addition, there are currently two Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research projects on Spotted-wing Drosophila underway.

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