Appendix A - Evaluation Criteria Checklist

Proponents must be in compliance with sub-paragraph 1.1 of the Terms and Conditions and sub-paragraph 3.3.2 of the Proposal Format and Submission in the RFP Guidelines in order for the proposal to be considered.

  • The proponent has provided complete company information, as required. [Yes/No]
  • The proponent has submitted signed originals of the proposal, as required. [Yes/No]

AAFC is seeking the proposal that provides the overall best commercial value to Canada and will be evaluated for the following:

Marketing Experience (20%)

  • well established, has contact information (ex. list of seed growers) (3%) [Yes/No]
  • specimen agreement between proponent and grower (1%) [Yes/No]
  • seed increases (including winter nursery at proponents expense) (4%) [Yes/No]
  • distribution system for getting seed to growers (4%) [Yes/No]
  • protection against unlicensed sales and distribution (4%) [Yes/No]
  • experience in marketing the same crop type (3%) [Yes/No]
  • other AAFC varieties licensed to the proponent (1%) [Yes/No]

Marketing Strategy (25%)

  • market promotion and advertising plans (radio, website, field signs, seed catalogues, brochures, other) (4%) [Yes/No]
  • product pricing (4%) [Yes/No]
  • method of distribution (4%) [Yes/No]
  • projected sales area (4%) [Yes/No]
  • competitive product lines (3%) [Yes/No]
  • plans for variety protection (PBR, PVP) (4%) [Yes/No]
  • supports performance trials (2%) [Yes/No]

Financial Offer (20%)

  • payment of variety registration fees (4%) [Yes/No]
  • payment of variety protection fees (PBR) (4%) [Yes/No]
  • payment of entry fees for Provincial Variety Trials (2%) [Yes/No]
  • up-front fee (4%) [Yes/No]
  • royalty rate (percentage rate based on gross price) (4%) [Yes/No]
  • other (2%) [Yes/No]

Production Strategy (25%)

  • projected area of planting (acres by class) (8%) [Yes/No]
  • production schedule (8%) [Yes/No]
  • projected seed volumes (to be offered for sale) (9%) [Yes/No]

Other (10%)

  • innovative ways to increase the return to AAFC, reduce risk to AAFC, and history of research support to AAFC (10%) [Yes/No]
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