Swift Current Research and Development Centre

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Swift Current Research and Development Centre, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Post Office Box 1030
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
S9H 3X2

Telephone: 306-770-4400

Indian Head Research Farm
Post Office Box 760
Indian Head, Saskatchewan
S0G 2K0

Telephone: 306-770-4400

Email: AAFC.Swift.CurrentRDC@agr.gc.ca

Latitude: 50.280989
Longitude: −107.757953

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The Swift-Current Research and Development Centre was established in 1920 in Swift-Current, Saskatchewan, in the semi-arid prairie region. The region where the Centre is situated encompasses 20 per cent of the arable land in Canada (the Brown soil zone). In addition, Swift-Current Research and Development Centre research extends across the Dark-Brown and Thin-Black soil zones via the associated research site at Indian Head.

Canada is known worldwide for producing high performance and quality wheat, which researchers located at Swift-Current have played, and continue to play a key role developing. Long-term-rotation field experimental plots have been in place at Swift-Current for more than 40 years and at Indian Head for more than 50 years.

The Centre’s mandate is to address severe drought, erosion, frost, pests, and crop disease related problems, and to provide support to the expanding settlements in the region characterized by a semi-arid climate.

Facilities at the Swift-Current Research and Development Centre

Current research activities

At the Swift-Current Research and Development Centre, the research activities focus on dryland farming systems. The Centre's areas of core research are aligned with national priorities to help the sector adapt and remain competitive in domestic and global markets.

New products, new users, new markets

Improving production and management practices for sustainable growth

Protecting the environment and stimulating biodiversity

Sector support and competitiveness through research

Results of our research

Cereal and pulses

Forages and beef

Agro-ecosystem productivity and health

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