Saskatoon Research Centre

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Saskatoon Research Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Saskatoon Research Centre (SRC) is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's network of 19 research centres. The Centre, located in the heart of the Prairies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, conducts research on prairie crops to support the agri-food industry in Western Canada. It is located on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan. The centre manages three field sites: Melfort Research Farm, Scott Research Farm and Outlook Canada-Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre (CSIDC).

This centre emphasizes collaboration between several private and public research organizations which operate from the Agricultural Innovation Centre. The Centre develops integrated crop management strategies for sustainable cropping systems on the Canadian Prairies. In response to an emerging priority, it also focuses on leading research to develop sustainable management of clubroot on canola.

It is the home of the Plant Gene Resources of Canada, an important international repository of crops.

Leading research focuses on the following five initiatives with a supporting role in agronomy and northern agriculture:

  • Integrated crop management for sustainable cropping systems on the Canadian Prairies
  • Sustainable management of clubroot on canola
  • Integrated strategies for genetic improvement of oilseed, legume, and forage crops
  • Genetic resource conservation, characterization and utilization
  • Bioproducts and bioresources

Areas of Research

The Saskatoon Research Centre conducts major research and development in agricultural biotechnology, value-added crop processing, crop breeding and ecological crop protection, and the control of insect and weed pests in major crops. SRC's research activities and investments are planned and developed so new discoveries and knowledge can form the basis for sector innovation.

The Centre's areas of core research are aligned with national priorities to help the sector adapt and remain competitive in domestic and global markets. Greater participation in research networks and industry-led partnerships expands the Centre's innovation capacity.

Crop Production and Integrated Management Practices for the Canadian Prairies

  • Studying land resources such as soil fertility and reducing the impact of herbicides on the environment
  • Conserving, documenting and distributing plant and animal germplasm
  • Managing weeds, insects and plant diseases through innovative technologies
  • Achieving sustainable production for the Canadian prairies through better cropping practices
  • Diversifying of crops used in irrigation agriculture

Developing and Transferring New Technologies

  • Improving oilseed and forage crops by developing new germplasm
  • Discovering new processes and products to expand the use of crops grown on the prairies
  • Encouraging a greater use of Brassica oilseeds as industrial crops through appropriate technology transfer
  • Improving Brassica oilseeds by increasing tolerance to cold, drought and salt stress, and increasing resistance to diseases and pests
  • Irrigation technologies

Facts, Figures and Facilities

  • Located on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan, in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Research farms at Scott (340 hectares), Melfort (370 hectares) and Outlook (145 hectares) with an additional field site at Saskatoon (265 hectares)
  • Location for the Plant Gene Resources of Canada and the Canadian Animal Genetic Resources Program repositories of plant and animal genetic materials
    • 110,000 specimens including the world-base collections of barley and oat
  • Plant herbarium and insect reference collection

Contact Us

107 Science Place
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 0X2
Telephone: 306-385-9301
Fax: 306-385-9482

Associate Director, Research, Development, and Technology (RDT): Ranjana Sharma
Telephone: 306-385-9310

Acting Director, Research, Development, and Technology (RDT): Bruce McArthur
Telephone: 306-778-7270

Melfort Research Farm
Post Office Box 1240
Melfort, Saskatchewan
S0E 1A0

Scott Research Farm
Post Office Box 10
Scott, Saskatchewan
S0K 4A0

Outlook Canada-Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre
Post Office Box 700
901 McKenzie Street South
Outlook, Saskatchewan
S0L 2N0

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