Maple Syrup Flavour

Scientists from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are working to shine a spotlight on the wealth of flavoursFootnote [1] found in maple products. The Food Research and Development Centre in Saint-Hyacinthe conducted this extensive study in cooperation with Centre ACER. The study was designed to help the maple syrup industry focus on developing (high quality or local) niche products thereby ensuring its long-term success.

The basic research work seeks to understand how maple syrup acquires its flavour. The first step was to develop the Maple Flavour Wheel, a precise vocabulary that describes and documents the flavours specific to maple products. The research will enable scientists to expand their knowledge of maple syrup's composition and identify the components behind its flavour and characteristic aromas.


Footnote 1

In the French version of this text, the term flaveur, derived from the old French, includes all aromatic notes perceived during tasting, whereas taste is limited to the basic taste sensations: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. This is therefore not an anglicism, but rather a scientific requirement.

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