Harrow Research and Development Centre

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Harrow Research and Development Centre, Ontario

2585 County Road 20
Harrow, Ontario
N0R 1G0

Telephone: 519-738-2251

Email: AAFC.HarrowRDC@agr.gc.ca

Latitude: 42.035040
Longitude: −82.902386

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The Harrow Research and Development Centre was established in 1909 in Harrow, Ontario. It is the location of one of the largest greenhouse research complex facilities in North America. The Centre manages two field sites, one on sandy soils at Harrow and a second one on clay-loam soils at the Honourable Eugene F. Whelan Experimental Farm close to Woodslee, Ontario.

The Harrow Research and Development Centre leads research in several areas, including:

Facilities at the Harrow Research and Development Centre

Current research activities

Healthy crops in healthy environments

Protecting and preserving greenhouse and field crops

Results of our research

Horticulture - greenhouse crops (vegetable and ornamental)

Agro-ecosystem productivity and health

Cereal and pulses

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