Cui, Steve, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Contact Information:

93 Stone Road West
Guelph, Ontario N1G 5C9
Telephone: 226-217-8076
Fax: 519-829-2600

Areas of Expertise:

  • extraction and fraction
  • functional properties
  • carbohydrate chemistry
  • value added processing
  • complex carbohydrates
  • water soluble dietary fiber
  • rheology and texture

Current Projects:

  • Biopolymer interactions-polysaccharide and polysaccharide and as well polysaccharides and proteins
  • Comprehensive fractionation and utilization of commercial wheat bran
  • Novel and environment-friendly applications of hydrocolloids in non-food systems. Understanding the mechanisms and improvement of quality of gum stabilized joints for landscaping industry
  • Polysaccharide gums from agriculture products: chemical structure, functional properties and value added processing

Research Publications:

The links below lead to abstracts with access to full text.



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Other Science Related Publications:


  • Ding, H. et al. (2014). "Flaxseed kernel dietary fibre: Partial structure and physicochemical characterization.", 17th International Gums and Stabilizers for the Food Industry Conference, pp. 90-99.
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  • Liu, H., Wang, Q., Gong, J., Yu, H., Guo, Q., Cui, S.W., and Miller, S.A. (2014). A novel microencapsulation method for protecting probiotic bacteria during spray drying. (Filled on April 1st, 2014. It is in the process of patent application).


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