Wilson, Henry, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Contact Information:

2701 Grand Valley Road, Brandon Research Centre
P.O. Box 1000A, R.R. #3
Brandon, Manitoba R7A 5Y3
Telephone: 204-578-6557
Fax: 204-578-6524
Email: henry.wilson@agr.gc.ca

Areas of Expertise:

  • Hydrology and biogeochemistry
  • Identification of agricultural management practices that reduce eutrophication in downstream aquatic systems
  • Identification of agricultural management practices that reduce spring flooding
  • The transport of organic matter and nutrients with water
  • Interactions between land use and aquatic ecosystem processes
  • Dissolved organic matter export, form, and bioavailability as influenced by agricultural land use practices
  • Design and testing of automated water quality sampling and sensor systems

Current Projects:

  • Retrospective analysis of historical changes in hydrological pattern with land use and climate variation
  • Developing empirical and statistical models to define the effects of land use, soil properties, and topology on watershed hydrology and nutrient export in the Parkland region
  • Watershed-scale soil water storage dynamics and flow as related to cropping practices, soil properties, and landscape drainage characteristics
  • Transport of nutrients and microelements with aerial deposition from gravel roads
  • Identifying the environmental factors controlling nutrient export during snowmelt and storm events
  • Examining the age of dissolved organic matter as an indicator of soil organic matter weathering
  • Changes in water extractable organic matter form and bioavailability under differing crop types, rotation, and long term management
  • Examining the role played by dissolved and water extractable organic matter in nutrient mineralization and cycling
  • Combined measurement of aqueous and gaseous fluxes of nitrogen and carbon to improve quantification of nutrient use efficiency and greenhouse gas sequestration potential

Research Publications:

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Other Science Related Publications:


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