Agassiz Research and Development Centre

Agassiz, British Columbia

The Agassiz Research and Development Centre, British Columbia

The Agassiz Research and Development Centre in British Columbia is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's national network of 20 research centres. The Centre consists of two independent research sites: Agassiz and Summerland. Both locations are Minor Use Pesticide Program sites. Research at Agassiz addresses national agricultural priorities in the areas of horticultural and field crop production and protection including small fruits, greenhouse vegetables, special crops and forages; advanced processing, utilization, quality and safety of plant products; the cellular and molecular biology of plant pathogens; soil resource conservation and land evaluation.

The mission of the Agassiz Research and Development Centre is to be a world leader in research on peri-urban agriculture. This research will seek to improve understanding of the flows, interactions and impacts of agriculture systems within densely populated regions. Agassiz Research and Development Centre is also associated with a satellite location – the Clearbrook Research Substation.

Areas of Research

At the Agassiz Research and Development Centre major research is conducted on understanding the linkages between food, nutrition and health, securing and protecting food production, and balancing the activities of agriculture with the goal of a sustainable environment.

The Centre's areas of core research are aligned with national priorities to help the sector adapt and remain competitive in domestic and global markets. Greater participation in research networks and industry-led partnerships expands the Centre’s innovation capacity.

Research for Healthier Crops

  • Studying soil biochemistry and fertility, soil microbiology, soil degradation and environmental quality.
  • Conducting research on insect pest control measures for vegetables, berries and greenhouse vegetables.
  • Assessing blueberry, strawberry and raspberry varieties that adapt well to Canada's Pacific Northwest, with emphasis on natural disease and insect resistance.
  • Conducting research on innovative production and post-harvest methods to improve the quality of berries and greenhouse vegetables.
  • Investigating chemical controls, for short term use, in small-scale production crops (minor use pesticides).

Innovative Solutions for Health and Wellness

  • Conducting research on greenhouse vegetables to enhance antioxidant content for human health; studying ways to increase the tolerance of these vegetables to low storage temperatures and to prolong their shelf life.

New and Improved Quality for Food Products

  • Determining factors affecting shelf life and quality of fruit and vegetable products destined for fresh consumption.

Facts, Figures and Facilities

  • Research greenhouses
  • Weather station (data recording since 1889)
  • Heritage Stone Barn (built in 1893)
  • Arboretum
  • Modern laboratory and office complex utilizing geothermal storage for heating and cooling
  • Cell culture laboratory
  • DNA analyzer
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) laboratories
  • Insect rearing rooms
  • Drainage lysimeter

Contact Us

6947 Highway 7
Post Office Box 1000
Agassiz, British Columbia
V0M 1A0
Telephone: 604-796-6100
Fax: 604-796-6133

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