Universitat de Lleida, Spain

Flag: Spain

Academic Exchange Arrangement Between the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada and Universitat de Lleida, Spain

1. Purpose

The participants, through this Academic Exchange Arrangement (hereinafter referred to as "AEA"), will endeavour to encourage further scientific and academic collaboration in agriculture and agri-food between them.

This AEA is a good will arrangement which reflects the current understanding of each of the Participants with respect to the matters described herein. This does not constitute a document that creates legally binding obligations for the Participants under international law or under the Participants' domestic law.

2. Objectives

The objective of the AEA is to provide a framework for conduction activities of collaboration that will:

  1. Provide to each of the Participants with opportunities to exchange research scholars or graduate students, scientific materials, publications and information;
  2. Foster scientific and academic cooperation through mutually beneficial activities such as research projects, course, conferences, symposia and technology transfer.

3. Implementation and Coordination

This AEA will be managed by a Management Committee (MC) composed of two representatives of the Participants, one nominated by the Chief Scientist, International, AAFC, and the other by the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Cooperation, UdL. The MC will report annually to the Chief Scientist, International, AAFC and to the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Cooperation, UdL on the progress and achievement of the activities of collaboration arising under this AEA.

4. Collaborative Agreements and Financing

  1. Prior to carrying out activities of collaboration falling within the scope of this AEA, the relevant authorities (hereinafter referred as "The Parties") of each of the Participants will sign collaborative agreements.
  2. Unless otherwise provided in the collaborative agreements, each of the Parties will bear the costs of its participation in all activities of collaboration, each activity of collaboration will be subject to the availability of funds, resources and personnel of each of the Parties, and each activity of collaboration will be conducted in accordance with the laws, statutes, regulations and policies of the Parties' respective countries.
  3. Each collaborative agreement will be signed according to the respective policies of the Parties. The signing authority for each of the Parties will keep the Management Committee informed of the progress and results annually.
  4. Each collaborative agreement will include when applicable: (1) the name of the collaborative activity and the participants to the activity (2) the objectives and time period; (3) the responsibility of the participants and the division of tasks between the Parties; (4) the plan for the execution of the tasks; (5) resources obligations and sources of funding of each of the Parties; (6) provisions for the duration of the agreement and amendments; (7) provisions concerning confidential information and the rights connected with the intellectual property, and identification of the laws and regulations applicable; (8) the determination of the applicable domestic law; (9) provisions concerning the possible participation of other universities; (10) a conflict resolution clause; (11) a termination clause; (12) the names of the points of contacts; and (13) any other necessary provision.
  5. For activities involving exchange of personal (research scientists, students and technicians), the collaborative agreement governing these exchanges will mention that: (1) the Parties receiving visiting personal will provide them a safe and healthy environment for the conduct of the activities; (2) the visiting personal will conduct their activities in conformity with the laws, statutes, regulations and policies of the receiving Parties; and (3) the sending Party will undertake to take the appropriate measures to cover the health and safety of the personal it is sending by providing insurance coverage or any other indemnification measure acceptable to the receiving Party.

5. Intellectual Property

Should activities within the scope of this AEA lead to the creation of intellectual property, the Participants will decide in advance in collaborative agreements, mentioned in paragraph 4 above, as to the ownership of any intellectual property rights and any other modalities relative to those rights.

6. The Nature of the Academic Exchange Arrangement

Nothing in this AEA modifies any arrangement or any other bilateral or reciprocal arrangement that the Participants may have.

In the event of a conflict, no court will have jurisdiction and any conflict arising out of the interpretation or implementation of this AEA will be settled amicably by consultation by the Participants.

7. Duration and Amendment

This AEA will take effect on the date of the last signature and will remain in effect for five (5) years after that date. It may be renewed or extended by written upon the consent of the Participants.

This AEA may be amended by written with the consent of the Participants.

Each Participant can terminate this AEA with ninety (90) days written notice. In the event of termination, projects that have already been approved will not be affected.

Signed in duplicate, in the English, French and Catalan languages, each version being equally valid.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Dr. Yvon Martel,
Chief Scientist, International
Date May 4, 2006

University of Lleida
Dr. Joan Viñas Salas
Date April 20, 2006