Check out Potatoes!

The potato is a food superhero. The average Canadian eats 71 kg a year. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada scientists work to make potatoes even more versatile, healthy, abundant and able to grow in the toughest of conditions.

This video has won the 2011 MarCom's Gold Award, for productions that were judged to have exceeded the high standards of the marketing and communications industry.

This video is part of the video collection Check out Agriculture!

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Video Transcript

[Energetic, guitar music.]

[Light green background. A cartoon limousine pulls up, stops, and a red carpet unrolls from one of the doors.]

Text on screen: Potatoes

Male narrator:
You've chosen a potato!


Get ready for an adventure.

[The door to the limousine opens and a potato gets out and goes to the end of the red carpet. His picture is being taken as we can see the flashes on the screen.]

[Sound of several cameras snapping photos.]

This rather plain looking fella is kind of a superstar.

[The limousine, red carpet, and potato fall out of the bottom of the screen. They are replaced by a cartoon map of Canada that falls from the top of the screen. There are four potatoes on the map; three in Atlantic Canada, and one in British Columbia.]

Text on screen: #1

It's Canada's number one vegetable crop and a pretty important contributor to feeding 34 million Canadians every day. In fact, Canadians eat, on average, 71 kg of potatoes every year...

Text on screen: 150 kinds

...and we grow 150 different kinds.

[The map of Canada and the potatoes falls out of the bottom of the screen. It is replaced by a stylized barn and a conveyor belt that fall from the top of the screen. The conveyor belt goes into the barn doors and has different types of potatoes on it. Every few seconds the conveyor belt moves closer to the doors allowing for a new potato to appear at the beginning.]

Text on screen: A scientific miracle

The potato is a scientific miracle producing more nutritious food, more quickly, on less land, and in a harsher climate than any other major crop. Up to 85% of the plant is edible, human food. Amazing!

[The barn and the conveyor belt fade out. They are replaced by a potato sitting on a scale. There are weights counter-balancing the potato.]

And if you think it's just starch and that starch is bad, you're wrong!

[White, circular lines appear around the potato to give the impression that it is being examined.]

Text on screen: Rich in potassium

Potatoes have more potassium than bananas.

Text on screen: Rich in vitamin C

As much vitamin C as two apples.

Text on screen: More iron than a cup of spinach

And more iron than a cup of spinach.

[The potato and scale fly off screen to the right. They are replaced by a conveyor belt holding many different potato-based foods. The conveyor lurches forward every few seconds and different potato-based foods move into view.]

At Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, we love potatoes. In fact, back in 1980, we developed the Shepody potato, which quickly became one of the top French fry varieties in the world.

[The conveyor belt and potato-based foods fall out of the bottom of the screen. They are replaced by two potatoes. One of the potatoes is wearing a pair of reading glasses.]

Our breeding programs develop better varieties...

[Lines form between the two potatoes on screen. More potatoes and more lines appear to create a potato “family tree”.]

...with even more health benefits and we help to find new ways to use the starch from potatoes in the production of everything from baked goods...

[The family tree disappears and is replaced by a cup of coffee and a loaf of coffee cake.] coffee whiteners.

[The coffee and coffee cake face out. They are replaced by the same cartoon barn that we saw at the beginning of the video. Potato plants begin sprouting and cover the area in front of the barn.]

At the end of the day, our work ensures that potatoes are safer...

Text on screen: safer


Text on screen: healthier

...more abundant...

Text on screen: more abundant

...and able to grow even in the toughest of conditions while fighting disease and pests naturally.

[The cartoon barn and potato plants fade out. They are replaced by the potato wearing reading glasses that we saw earlier.]

Plain? Humble? Actually...

[The potato spins rapidly in place. When he stops spinning he is wearing a red cape and has a “P” on his chest similar to Superman.]


...we think the potato is a food superhero, and science is making it even healthier. Pick another item and let's talk about it.

[Energetic, guitar music fades out.]

[Fade to black.]

Text on screen: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Text on screen: © Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada, represented by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2011.

[Canada wordmark]

[Fade to black.]

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