Tidemann, Breanne, Ph.D.

Research scientist - Field Agronomy/Weed Science

Contact Information:

6000 C&E Trail
Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1W1
Telephone: 403-782-8597
Email: Breanne.Tidemann@agr.gc.ca

Areas of Expertise:

  • Integrated Weed Management
  • Harvest Weed Seed Control
  • Integrated Crop Protection

Current Projects:

  • Early vs Late Maturing Crop Effects on Harvest Weed Seed Control
  • Mitigating Herbicide Resistance: Novel Weed Management Tactics


  • University of Alberta (Ph.D. Program)
  • Canadian Weed Science Society
  • Western Society of Weed Science
  • Weed Science Society of America

Research publications


  • O’Donovan JT, Izydorczyk MS, Tidemann BD, Edney MJ, Turkington TK, Grant CA, Harker KN, Gan Y. 2017. Effect of preceding crop and nitrogen application on malting barley quality. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 97:1014-1023

Other science related publications


  • Harker KN, Tidemann BD, O'Donovan JT, Shirtliffe SJ, Willenborg C, Johnson EN, Michielsen L, Reid P. 2016. When Do Wild Oat Seeds Become Viable? Canadian Weed Science Society Annual Meeting, November 2016.
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