Riparian areas

Riparian zones play a vital role in soil conservation, biodiversity conservation and influence aquatic health.

Riparian Area Management
This publication provides information about the role of riparian areas in maintaining good water quality and how the careful management of riparian areas can provide sustainable forage for producers and improved water quality for all.
Using Off-Stream Water Sources as Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) in Riparian Areas
One way of maintaining and possibly enhancing soil and water resources is through the use of Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs). Healthy riparian areas are critical in protecting water resources but can suffer much degradation from livestock grazing and cropping practices. BMPs promoted to enhance riparian areas include: exclusion fencing, concentrated stream access areas, grazing management plans and remote (off-stream) watering.
Grazing: a Natural Component of Grassland Ecozone Riparian Systems
Grazing ungulates have shaped and developed riparian ecosystems over thousands of years. Under a properly managed system, livestock can be used to mimic the patterns of grazing ungulates and improve and maintain riparian health and function. Management must be specifically orientated to each riparian area, developing a planned grazing system which follows the four principles of range management, keeping in mind that some riparian areas may not be suitable for grazing. To ensure success, a monitoring program must be implemented based on riparian structure, function and wildlife from the initial stages through subsequent years. This will provide the benchmark needed to determine if management goals have been achieved.
Riparian Grazing and Off-Stream Livestock Watering
An explanation and overview of how agricultural practices in livestock production can be adopted to maintain environmentally healthy riparian zones.
Sustainable Agricultural Land Management around Wetlands on the Canadian Prairies
This publication discusses upland soil, land, climate, and management impacts on wetlands. It also provides specific land management recommendations near wetlands to maximize both agricultural production goals and wetland ecological functions.
Field Manual on Buffer Design
This manual is intended for use by agricultural practitioners in locating and designing riparian vegetated buffers adjacent to cropland. Field Manuals are available for the Canadian Prairies and Atlantic Canada.
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