Care of seedlings and cuttings

Care of seedlings during planting

  • Protect the roots from wind and sun by covering them with moist soil or peat moss to prevent drying. If possible, plant the trees on a cool, cloudy day or in the early morning or evening rather than on hot, windy days.
  • Spring planting on a cold, below -freezing day will not decrease the seedling survival, unless the roots dry out.
  • It is important to always plant seedlings in a cultivated, weed-free site.

Care of Poplar and Willow cuttings

  • Soak the cuttings by submerging them in water for up to three days prior to planting.
  • Plant the cuttings by inserting them to their full depth in the soil, with the buds pointing up.
  • Do not plant cuttings into trifluralin-treated soil.
  • The cuttings can be rooted in a garden area for one season, and then transplanted to their permanent location the following fall or spring. Cuttings should be watered regularly in their first season.
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