Young and Beginning Farmers

Who are young and beginning farmers?

Young farmer enterprises, which include enterprises operated by one or more young farmers between the ages of 18 and 39 years, accounted for 7.5% of Canadian farms in 2010 and earned more from both farm and non-farm sources compared to older farm enterprises.

As a young or beginning farmer, you are essential to the renewal of the Canadian agriculture sector. Your enthusiasm, innovation and expertise will help keep Canada competitive and ensure a strong presence in emerging markets worldwide.

On this page, you'll find programs, training, organizations and resources to help you succeed.

Programs and services

The following programs provide funding and support to help your business continue to innovate and remain competitive.

  • Advance Payments Program
    Provides producers with a cash advance based on the value of their agricultural products.
  • Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative
    Funds internships for post-secondary graduates working in the agriculture industry. These internships would include activities or projects that benefit the environment.
  • AgriInsurance
    Offers protection against the financial impacts of production losses caused by hail, drought, flooding, disease and other natural hazards.
  • AgriStability
    Offers protection against large declines in farm income caused by circumstances such as low prices, rising input costs and production losses.
  • AgriInvest
    Helps cover income declines and supports investments that help mitigate risks.
  • Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program
    Increases the availability of loans to new and existing farmers to establish, improve or develop their farms. Farmers can also have access to credit for land, the construction or improvement of buildings, or other loan purposes.
  • Career Focus Program
    Provides employers with a subsidy of up to $20,000 for providing an agricultural internship to a recent graduate in agriculture, agri-food, agri-food science and veterinary medicine.

You can also use AgPal to find agriculture-related federal, provincial and territorial programs and services that are relevant to your needs.

Your provincial or territorial government may also offer other programs and services for young and beginning farmers.

Training and learning

Organizations and resources

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