Career Focus Program: Applicant Guide

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this guide is to provide you, the Applicant, with information about the Career Focus Program. In addition, this guide will assist you in completing and applying for funding under this program.

2.0 Description of the Career Focus Program

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is one of several federal departments participating in the Career Focus Program. At AAFC, the Career Focus Program will contribute $864,000 annually to projects that employ graduates. Each project will be eligible to receive up to $14,000 in matching funds. The program will help create some 80 agricultural internships for recent graduates of a post-secondary program.

2.1 Duration

Each internship must be a meaningful length, not more than 12 months. The recommended minimum duration is four months, but internships must last long enough to provide meaningful experience to the employee.

2.2 Eligible applicants

Eligible Applicants must be legal entities capable of entering into legally binding agreements.

Eligible employers

Eligible employers are organizations who can offer projects that will give employees:

These organizations may be from:

Eligible employees

To qualify, you must be:

If you are an Indigenous youth applicant, you must be:

Eligible projects

Projects must offer the employee meaningful work (internship) that may last up to one year and be for a minimum of four months. The project must last long enough to give the employee significant experience and possibly lead to long-term employment or self-employment.

2.3 Maximum funding amount

Each project will be eligible to receive up to $14,000 in matching funds.

2.4 Application intake

The program will be accepting applications between November 1 and November 30 each year for projects beginning on or after the following April.

2.5 Eligible activities

Eligible activities include those of an approved project which may improve the intern's employability in the agricultural field.

2.6 Eligible costs

Career Focus Program funds may only be allocated for salaries and social benefits. The employer is responsible for paying the employee.

2.7 Ineligible costs or limitations

The Career Focus Program only supports salaries and benefits for qualified interns.

Because of the demand for internships, applicants will be limited to one application per round until all eligible applications have been assessed. If funds exist to support more than one application per applicant, additional applications may be considered.

3.0 How to apply

Please note that the submission of an application creates no obligation on the part of AAFC to provide funding for the proposed project. As an Applicant, you must ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria before submitting your application.


AAFC offers you the ability to apply online, simplifying the application process and making it faster and easier for your information to get to us. The online application form is a dynamic form. A complete online application package consists of a completed AAFC Online Career Focus Application Form.

Fax/Mail or email

For those applying by fax/mail or email, please see the contact information provided in section 6 to obtain your Application Form.

A complete hard copy application package consists of a completed AAFC Career Focus Application Form.

Confidentiality: It is the Applicant's responsibility to clearly identify, on any documentation submitted to AAFC, the information that is considered commercially confidential. This information will not be disclosed unless required by law, including the Access to Information Act, or upon the express authorization of the applicant.

4.0 Assessment and approval

4.1 Assessment criteria

The responsible officers in the Canadian Agri-Staff Services regional offices will evaluate proposals to determine the merit of projects. If a project is selected, the applicant will be contacted and required to sign a contribution agreement with AAFC.

4.2 Contribution agreement

Successful Applicants who enter into a Contribution Agreement (CA) with AAFC will be referred to therein as Recipients. Recipients are required to enter into a CA that outlines the amount of funding AAFC will provide to the Recipient toward eligible costs, as well as the Recipient's responsibilities and obligations.

4.2.1 Payments to Recipients

AAFC will make payments based on claims submitted for eligible costs incurred and paid by the Recipient in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CA. Each claim must be supported by details of the costs being claimed and certified by an authorized official of the Recipient.

For projects of less than eight months, AAFC will issue 100% of funds at the end of the internship, upon receipt of the final report, proof of salary payment to the candidate, and Financial Engagement form.

For projects of 8 to 12 months AAFC will issue 50% of funds after the first half of the internship, only upon receipt of the Financial Claim form and proof of salary payment to the candidate. The payment of the last 50% is made at the end of the internship, upon receipt of the final report, the Financial Claim form and proof of salary payment to the candidate.

Career Focus Program funds may only be allocated for salaries and social benefits. The employer is responsible for paying the employee.

4.3 Reporting requirements

The Employer is responsible for completing and submitting to AAFC the required documents and evaluation reports at the mid-point and/or at the end of the Project and to participate in program evaluation by AAFC which could occur after 12 months and 36 months.

Evaluation and participant information forms

5.0 Notes

5.1 Official languages

5.1.1 Language of service

Applicants and Recipients are encouraged to communicate with AAFC in the official language of their choice. AAFC reviews and assesses applications and project deliverables in both official languages.oh

5.1.2 Language obligations of recipients

Depending on the nature of the program, the type of Recipient, and specific project activities to be undertaken, the Government of Canada may require the Recipient to make information available to and interact with the public in one or both official languages on terms and conditions to be specified in the Contribution Agreement.

In all cases the Recipient must publicly acknowledge AAFC's support for the project and project-specific communications products. The department may request that such acknowledgment include text in both official languages. Contribution funding from the Career Focus Program can be used to help cover the cost of conducting activities and communicating with the public in Canada's official languages as long as the costs fall within the definition of eligible costs and are included within the project budget.

5.2 M-30 Law (for Quebec organizations only)

The Act Respecting the Ministère du Conseil Exécutif (M-30) may apply to an applicant in the Province of Québec. Applicants will be required to complete an additional information form and, if they are subject to the requirements of the Act, to obtain written authorization and approval from the Government of Quebec prior to execution of any contribution funding agreement.

5.3 Privacy notice

The personal information collected during the application process is being collected under the authority of the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Act and will be used to contact you, in the event that additional information is needed and to facilitate payment of the contribution, in the event that the application is successful. In addition, the information may be used for program evaluation, reporting to senior management and statistical analysis.

The personal information will be protected in accordance with the Privacy Act and described in standard AAFC Personal Information Bank PPU 300 (Career Focus Program/Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative). You have the right to access your personal information held by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and to request changes to incorrect personal information by contacting the AAFC Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator at

5.4 Business information

AAFC may collect, use and share an Applicant's information, which includes, but is not limited to, documentation prepared in the administration of the Career Focus Program. AAFC will use and share this information for the purposes of assessing and reviewing the eligibility of the Applicant and the proposed project with:

The information may be shared with the parties mentioned above, for purposes that include, but are not limited to:

AAFC publishes a list of approved projects on the departmental website and may publish such list on other Government of Canada websites. This list would include the name of the Recipient, the project name, and the amount of the insert name of program contribution. AAFC may also publicize this information, along with a description of the project, in:

5.5 Environmental considerations

All projects receiving funding from AAFC must comply with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012). It is your responsibility to review whether your type of project is listed on the Regulations Designating Physical Activities and to contact the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. Indicate in the "Project Description" section of the Application Form if your type of project is listed on the Regulations. Also indicate if the project's activities are located on Federal Crown land (includes federal and Aboriginal reserve land), on private land or another type of land. If you do not know, indicate that this information is "unknown."

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food will consider whether your project requires an environmental determination under section 67 of the CEAA 2012 and take the necessary steps if a determination is required and may inform you accordingly.

Provide details on any environmental risks in the "Risk Assessment" section in the Application Form, which includes confirming whether you have or will obtain federal, provincial, territorial or municipal authorizations and permits. AAFC reserves the right to request additional information.

6.0 Contact information

For more information or to submit your application, contact:

British Columbia, Alberta, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
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Email: AAFC.Career.focus-Objectif.carriere.AAC@AGR.GC.CA


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Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

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