AgriRisk Initiatives: Microgrants: Step 1. What this program offers

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The AgriRisk Initiatives: Microgrants application period is now closed.

Step 1. What this program offers

The AgriRisk Initiatives (ARI) program supports the development of new risk management tools for use in the agriculture sector. ARI is a Canadian Agricultural Partnership Business Risk Management (BRM) initiative. It includes two funding streams: ARI Research and Development (ARI R&D), and ARI Administration Capacity Building. Microgrants fall under the R&D stream of ARI. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is currently seeking academic research proposals relevant to Canada’s business risk management policy objectives in the agriculture sector.

The objectives of ARI R&D funding are to:

In order to fulfill these objectives, the ARI will offer Microgrants of up to $25,000 per year (to a maximum of three years) for academic research proposals that can inform development of alternative risk management tools.

In addition to grant funding, proposals may also seek support through the Coordinated Agriculture Policy Research Initiatives (CAPRI), to gain access to departmental resources including data, and models to undertake analytical research.

The Department will prioritize proposals that respond to the findings of the BRM Program Review. Projects must address gaps or challenges in risk management options for agricultural producers in Canada, and can include initiatives to modify and adapt existing products in other jurisdictions for use in the Canadian market.

Preference may also be given to proposals that:

Successful proposals will:

In collaboration with the Canadian Agricultural Policy Research Network (CAPRN)

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